Why Bras As Christmas Gifts Are Gifts That Keep On Giving

The holiday season is fast approaching, and your shopping list is getting long. The dreaded “What do you want for Christmas?” conversation is coming up, but you have no idea where to begin. Let Fit Au Max Lingerie help. 

Everyone has had enough of those generic bottles of lotion and perfume. There’s plenty of that stuff under your bathroom sink already. So, now what? Can you give a full figured bra with lift and support without it being awkward? The answer is yes. 

 woman wearing large cup bra and panties set

Why Giving the Best Bra for Large Breasts Matters 

Giving a luxurious full coverage bra with side support speaks volumes about how beautiful you think someone is. It says you understand their struggle at retail stores and you’re here to boost their confidence. And depending on the relationship, giving a lace bra for large breasts is also a gesture of romance. 

Buying an underwire bra for big breasts isn’t easy. So, many full figured women settle for less because they have no other choice. And it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes she gets for Christmas. If her bust looks terrible, she won’t feel comfortable in her own skin

As a supportive loved one, it’s your job to make her feel beautiful. That means fanning her fashion sense with stylish pieces from top to bottom. Her radiance shines from the inside out, and so should her lingerie. This Christmas, buy her the best bra for lift and side support for large breasts because you worship her inner goddess. 

How to Choose a Bra for Big Busts 

Full figured women almost always struggle to find the best fit bra for their body type. And traditional retail stores do little to accommodate their needs. However, choosing plus size bras for large breasts shouldn’t be that hard. After all, the most common bra size is 34DD (34E or 36DD in the U.K.).

So, start with a bra size chart to determine the correct dimensions. Fit Au Max Lingerie offers a comprehensive bra sizing video to help you shop in secret. Then, look for stylish pieces and coordinated ensembles to create a skeleton wardrobe. And remember, a full coverage bra for large breasts doesn’t have to be expensive. Next, follow these three simple rules to find the best bra for big busts support: 

#1. Look For a Large Cup Size with Lift and Support 

Rule number one, always check the cup size first. A bra’s cup size determines how much breast meat it can hold. So, cups that are too small may cause unsightly spillage and bulging on the bust. That’s why full figure women deserve a large cup size with lift and support. 

A large cup size for large breasts generally includes DD & DDD (DD= E and DDD = F) cup sizes. However, you can find the G, H, I, and J cup sizes for large breasts as well. Shop Fit Au Max Lingerie to buy the best bra for heavy breast size chests and delight your sophisticated woman. 

#2. Buy the Best Support Bras for Large Sagging Breasts 

Large breasts are heavy, which means they start to sag earlier than smaller breasts. But a lace bra with lift and side support can help slow the sagging process. And an underwire bra with full coverage can contain the lift while smoothing the silhouette..

purple bra and panties set for large breasts 

Fit Au Max specializes in the full figured bra for a heavy bust. With multiple styles, countless colors, and intricate detailing, plus size women no longer have to take whatever they can get. Instead, they can begin wearing tailored intimates to suit their age, lifestyle, wardrobe, and body type. 

#3. Select Several Styles to Keep Her Closet Customized

This holiday season don’t forget to give the gift versatility. Try to remember how hard it was for you to find the Fit Au Max collection at first. Now imagine how frustrated she must feel when buying underwire bras for large breasts off the rack. Chances are, she’s constantly gambling with her money. 

So, gift her with some peace of mind. Mix and match a few pieces so she can play with her look. Try elegant underwear, bridal sets, bikini panties, thongs, and figure-flattering hi-cuts. That way, her joy doesn’t have to be over as soon as the Christmas lights come down. 

black lace support bra for larger breasts

DID YOU KNOW: A well fitted bra can last a woman for more than a year if she takes care of it properly

What to Do Next 

Buying a full figure bra can be tricky, especially when it’s for someone else. So, use the Fit Au Max Sizing Charts to your advantage. Then, pay attention to the contours of her body. Make sure you know what she wants and needs, even if that means gently asking questions. Or better yet buy the Fit Au Max Lingerie Gift Card.

In the meantime, learn about the parts of a bra so you can understand the importance of buying quality bras vs. paying for convenience. And never let her wear new clothes with old lingerie. Switch it up this year by giving a gift that will become a staple in her life and a sign of your love. 

happy woman in bra and panties set

At Fit Au Max Lingerie, we see women differently. Every single body type is worth celebrating, but full figured women are grossly underserved. That’s why we keep our inventory personal, which means your gift will be just as touching. And since we use the finest materials, she’ll never want to take them off. 

Giving plus size bras and panties sets from Fit Au Max Lingerie show effort and esteem - two things most retailers forget on the receipt. But you don’t have to let that vicious cycle continue. Wrap up the best bra for full figured women and throw in some matching panties as a holiday bonus. You may be surprised by how well-received it actually is.