Reasons Why Larger Breasts Need Lift, Separation And Support

Oftentimes finding the right support bra is like finding a glass slipper. Most of them are too small or too tight, none of them fit quite right. For people with fuller busts, it can be difficult to find a support bra that offers the lift and separations needed for larger breasts. Having a good support bra is more than just an accessory, like a pair of custom shoes or a limited edition purse. People with larger busts need the support of a well-made support bra to lessen the chance of chronic back pain. 

Having large breasts isn’t as glamorous as society may treat it. Without the right support, a heavy bust may be more of a curse than a blessing. It’s for this reason that finding the right bra with the necessary support is integral in breasts health.

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All Pain, No Gain

For many, a heavy bust means carrying tension in your shoulders and lower back all day, every day. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between larger breasts and back pain. Without the right support, everyday living may come with a lot of pain. Those that live active lifestyles face the struggle of exercising safely without the strain of larger breasts getting in the way.

Finding the right support bra can be an exhausting process for those who have larger breasts, but it doesn’t have to end with empty hands. The right support bra for your body exists, you just have to know exactly what it is you want, what you need and more importantly, where to buy it from.

Let’s Break It Down

The right support bra eliminates the pain that people with larger busts face. The science of a good bra comes down to the way it caters to not only the shape but also the fit in the underwire, cup, band, and straps. The bra band helps distribute the weight of a heavy bust evenly to eliminate excess tension, while the straps of a bra hold the cups in place. The bra band does the most important job of determining just how much support the bra will give. The bra straps should not do the heavy lifting.

Who Needs Underwire?

Underwire in a good bra is carefully shaped to give support from beneath the breasts. Well crafted underwires help separate the breasts thereby reduces skin touching which may lead to skin rashes. Oftentimes flimsy underwires causes more damage than help. A cheaply made  underwire can cause chafing and rashes, not to mention a sharp pinch when it breaks through the fabric. 

The best way to ensure a bra’s perfect fit is by taking your measurements with a garment measuring tape. If you don’t have access to measuring tape, there are size charts that can give you measurements geared towards your body type. No matter the method, finding the right size is dependent on taking the time to know your body.

Make Every Measurement Count

The components of a bra that are emphasized in measurement are the cup size and width of the band. Both of these elements are crucial in finding the best support bra for big-busts. If the band of a bra is too small, it causes discomfort similar to a poorly made underwire, usually creating an irritation to the skin that can lead to infection. In addition, a too-tight bra ruins the silhouette the bra is designed to create, and a too-loose bra gives no shape at all. A cup measured incorrectly can make a bra feel like it is swallowing you whole or giving you no space to breathe. .

Support And Protect Against Skin Problems

A poorly fitted bra is more than just an inconvenience. And wearing bras without support can cause skin problems for women with large breasts. 

Skin problems such as:

1- Intertrigo which is the inflammation that breaks down the skin’s natural protection due to the friction, skin fold and moisture build-up between the and or beneath the breasts, especially in heavier busts

2- It’s not uncommon to catch a yeast infection when the skin beneath the breasts is exposed and raw, which should be treated immediately with appropriate medication. 

3- Hyperpigmentation marks or dent occurs when or if the straps are too tight. The straps then dig into the shoulders and leave. Also, if or when the bra band is too tight, it may cause chafing under the breasts. This could lead to rashes and infections. 

At Fit Au Max Lingerie we understand how hard it is to find a cute supportive bra with lift that fits larger breasts which is why all our full-coverage support bras are inspired by experience and are designed to provide optimal lift, separation, comfort and support. Our supportive underwire bras provide structure and they distributed without discernment to stylishly fuller busts and full figured women.

The right support bra for you should be comfortable. If any element is too tight or too small, it can cause more harm than help. Find a bra that supports your chest with straps that are just taut enough to lift and fabric that leaves room for your skin to breathe, avoiding the risk of pain and infections.

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Design The Bra You Deserve

Every element that makes for a good support bra has been designed to a science meant to offer the best support for the person wearing it and their exact needs. Fuller bust and full-figured women need a support bra that reflects their needs, for the sake of their health and happiness. 

Remember Fit Au Max Lingerie don’t just sell Wiesmann and Gorsenia lace underwire bras for full figured and fuller busted women. We sell comfort, support, perfect fit and piece of mind every time you buy one of our bras.