Why Buy Support Lace Bras from Us?

Fit Au Max Lingerie was created to call big, beautiful women out from the back of the department store and into the limelight where they belong. Our tasteful and sexy designed lace bras don’t apologize for body size. Instead, they accentuate curvy figures with comfortable, functional, full-coverage lift and support.   

The Problem with Other Lace Underwire Bras  

Plus-sized, full-figured women and women with large breasts have had to struggle for so long to find comfortable, functional bras and coordinated panties. As a result, they often suffer a loss of confidence or begin thinking that big isn’t beautiful. But Fit Au Max Lingerie is here to say otherwise, with supportive underwire lace bras and sexy lingerie that hugs your curves while preventing the four most common bra problems:  

  1. Spillage - Our cups are full coverage while still being sexy and revealing.
  2. Sagginess - Our bras have good bones and strong side panels for optimal perkiness.
  3. Jiggling - Our bras feature a narrow underwire to envelope the breasts. 
  4. Quad Boob - Our cups lift and separate for a more streamlined figure.  

Meanwhile, full-figured and large-busted women can also face these unique challenges:  

  • Conventional underwire bras for fuller breasted women may fit but they do not flatter, and they barely sustain. Fit Au Max Lingerie changes that with structured piping and feminine lines to accentuate your shape.  
  • Wearers of Conventional bras receive very little back and side support, or they’re forced to wear ugly, neutral materials with unappealing cuts.
  • Fit Au Max Lingerie offers colorful, opulent fabrics and beautifully stylish designs.  

“Amazing staff they helped me find the right size bra and I got it in less than a week. I am very pleased with my purchase.” - Nichole June 22nd 2021

Our full-coverage bras and coordinated intimates are inspired by experience and distributed without discernment to stylishly selective women and voluptuous bridesUnlike other brands, Fit Au Max Lingerie bras and panties feature soft silks, luxurious satins, delicate lace, and detailed embroidery to improve your appearance while providing structure and sexiness to your look. 

We understand how hard it is to find a cute supportive bra with lift that fits a fuller-figured woman, which is why we developed our Chic and Stand-Out Collections exclusively for you. 

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Find Your Perfect Fit at Fit Au Max Lingerie  

Our supportive underwire bras are designed to provide optimal comfort while boosting your bustline despite band width or cup size. Plus, we offer free bra size consultations to ensure a perfect fit. Fit Au Max bras are carefully crafted to fit any body type and can even be tailored to your unique proportions. You can also shop by size, sort by color, or look through our four famous collections to discover an ensemble that actually works.  

Slip into a supportive, full-coverage bra with lift to boost your bod and confidence. The Fit Au Max Lingerie™ supportive underwire lace bras are crafted exclusively to bring out the beauty in full-figured and fuller busted women.  

Here is Our Promise We will help Smooth the Curves for you, We will provide you with Free Bra Sizing Consultations, We will hold your hands until you find that well fitted bra. And we will provide you with an ample inventory of F, G, H, I, J, and K Cup Sizes. 

Best of all, you can return your misfitting bras for a full refund or keep working with us until you find a good fit. No more settling for second best!

We don’t just sell Weismann and Gorsenia lace underwire bras for full figured and fuller busted women. We give our bra babes a reason to show off their goods, with a guaranteed perfect fit every time they show up.

Perfect! This bra is fantastic. The side support is the best of any bra that I have ever purchased. The lift, the fit, the comfort of the wide bands are all above my expectation.” - Dennis March 30th 2021

Check out the US/EU sizing guide and instructional videos to you help narrow the search and ensure the best fitting bra or lingerie possible. .

Here’s a preview:  


1- To search for all the bras available in your bra size

2- Go to the search bar located at the top of the Home page and type in your bra size then

“Excellent Fit! I’ve been looking for a sexy, nicely made, quality red bra in my size for months. So glad I finally found one!” - Jacqueline March 19th 2021

3- Go to the filter panel on the left-hand side of the mid page and scroll up or down to your bra size

4- Check your bra size

5- Now all the available bras in your bra size should display on the page.

Happy Shopping!! 

Benefits of Wearing Fit Au Max Lingerie™ Bras 

Besides a lot more confidence, a much better supported bust, and far less back pain, here’s what else you get when you choose Fit Au Max Lingerie lace underwire bras: 

  • Ergonomic underwiring for optimal support and shaping  
  • Reduce the jiggling when you’re moving around.  
  • Structured side panels for maximum lift and comfort
  • Subtly smooth your curves and edges.
  • Detailed, delicate designs for an elegant appearance
  • Give them something sexy to look at. 
  • Soft, breathable fabrics
  • Feel comfortable and secure, even when you’re active.
  • Light padding to boost your confidence
  • Stay guarded until you want to feel otherwise.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for enhanced active wear
  • Gain control over your look and legacy.
  • Flattering bustlines to accentuate figures and outfits
  • Dust off your favorite outfits and experiment with your style. 

“Excellent! I have been going through a lot to get the best, good quality fitted bra for myself, and those of you with big boobs know exactly what I’m talking about.” - Chioma June 15th 2021

We carry bra cup sizes B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J, with band sizes ranging from bra sizes 30 to 50 (not including customized orders). We have wider shoulder straps and coordinated lingerie available too, because Fit Au Max Lingerie knows what it’s like to be frustrated with the full-figure selection, or lack thereof.  So, welcome to the Fit Au Max Lingerie future, where women like you reign supreme in soft, supportive lace underwire bras that fit like a dream. 

Best of all, you can return your misfitting bras for a full refund or keep working with Fit Au Max until you find a good one. No more settling for second best.