Discover the essence of Fit Au Max Lingerie through our exclusive assortment of lace bras featuring underwire, meticulously curated from preeminent European bra manufacturers renowned for their expertise in catering to larger busts. our lace bras with underwire encapsulate the essence of Fit Au Max Lingerie. Our dedication to your comfort is showcased in our thoughtfully crafted collections of lace bras, offering unparalleled support. Crafted from premium lace fabrics, our bras are not only a testament to exceptional fit but also a guarantee of enduring quality. Our diverse range encompasses an array of supportive lace bras, complete with underwire, spanning a spectrum of colors and styles, specifically tailored to accommodate those elusive sizes that are hard to find elsewhere.

More than mere bra purveyors, we take pride in our mission to empower women. We accomplish this by imparting knowledge about proper bra fitting, assisting in size determination, and fostering a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal attributes that culminate in the ideal fit.

We now invite you to delve into the heart of our bra collection, where each piece tells a story of beauty, support, and comfort. Let us take you on a journey through the brands that epitomize excellence in both design and fit.

Explore Our Distinguished Bra Brands

Wiesmann Bras - Where Elegance Meets Support

Experience the fusion of grace and support with our exquisite Wiesmann lace bras. Hailing from Poland, the Wiesmann brand is a testament to decades of expertise in crafting lingerie that marries aesthetics and functionality. From captivating designs to the utilization of cutting-edge materials, Wiesmann lace bras are engineered to embrace various breast shapes and sizes. For those seeking both elegance and comfort in fuller figures, the allure of our plus size Wiesmann bras awaits. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of guipure lace and vintage embroidery, each stitch embodying a touch of sophistication. Whether your pursuit is a plus-size underwire bra to enhance a casual ensemble, elevate an evening gown, or find daily comfort, our curated collection caters to your desires. Worried about sizing? Rest assured, Wiesmann bras maintain true proportions, ensuring a seamless fit that aligns with your body's unique contours.
Wiesmann bra bands are accurately sized, eliminating the need to go up a size.

Wiesmann bra

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French Bras - Sans Complexe Collection

Originating from the heart of France, Wolf Lingerie has been perfecting the art of bra making for nearly seven decades, achieving nothing short of mastery in the intricate craft. It proudly stands as one of France's most beloved lingerie brands, renowned for its unwavering dedication to providing lingerie that seamlessly blends comfort, beauty, and creativity. Each piece of Wolf Lingerie undergoes meticulous craftsmanship in pursuit of perfection. The brand never compromises on comfort and support, placing utmost importance on the selection of materials and the precision of finishing.

Sans Complexe Collection

Within the Wolf Lingerie collections, you'll find the Sans Complexe Collection, which is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of plus-size women. Sans Complexe is dedicated to providing high-quality, stylish, and affordable lingerie that never compromises on comfort and support. Their specialty lies in creating bras for larger cup sizes, ensuring that every woman can find her perfect fit.
Sans Complexe boasts an extensive range of bras that exude timelessness, glamour, and elegance, available in natural and vibrant tones. These bras not only embrace fashion but also prioritize functionality, comfort, and assurance, making them the ultimate choice for all-day comfort.

Recognizing that women with larger cup sizes deserve fancy, sexy, and colorful designs without sacrificing comfort and support, Sans Complexe invites women to embrace their natural beauty. They emphasize that genuine beauty is about feeling comfortable in one's own skin, regardless of bra size. Sans Complexe bras encourage women to express their innate beauty, highlighting that true confidence comes from feeling at ease.
In the creation of their bras and bottoms, Sans Complexe employs exquisite materials, fluid and lightweight fabrics, delicate lace, and intricate embroideries. Their bras are thoughtfully designed to provide optimal comfort and impeccable support for fuller busts. With Sans Complexe, women can indulge in stylish, comfortable, and confidence-boosting lingerie, regardless of their bra size. 
Sans Complexe French Bras

Gorsenia Bras - Elevating Comfort and Style

Discover the harmonious blend of comfort and style within our diverse collection of Gorsenia lace bras. Poland-based Gorsenia lingerie has been an industry cornerstone for over half a century, embodying timeless elegance and unwavering support. Crafted with meticulous attention, each Gorsenia bra is a masterpiece that marries fashion with function. Using the finest materials, the brand exemplifies a commitment to beauty and comfort. It's worth noting that Gorsenia bra bands run slightly small. To ensure a flawless fit, we advise sizing up from your regular measurement when selecting a Gorsenia bra. For example, if you typically wear a 34DD in the US sizing system, opting for a size 36DD in the Gorsenia Bra will ensure a perfect fit that celebrates your unique dimensions.
Gorsenia bra

Nessa Bras - Where Luxury Meets Support

Embark on a journey of luxury and support with Nessa lace bras, a symbol of sophistication from a renowned Polish bra manufacturer. Our curated collection speaks to the intersection of luxury, support, and enduring comfort. Crafted with precision, these lace bras with underwire cater seamlessly to the needs of full-figured women. The symphony of comfort and elegance threads through each Nessa bra creation, with superior fabrics ensuring an embrace of both support and tenderness against your skin. With years of design mastery, Nessa stands as a pinnacle of quality and refinement, catering to those who demand the utmost excellence. Mindful of sizing, Nessa bra bands often run slightly small. Opting for a slightly larger size than your regular measurement is recommended. For instance, if you usually wear a 34DD in the US system, consider selecting a size 36DD in the Nessa Bra to ensure a harmonious match with your US bra size.
Nessa lace bra

Welcome to the world of exquisite lace bras and unparalleled support, where every detail celebrates the essence of womanhood, and where your comfort and confidence are our highest priorities. Embrace elegance, support, and comfort with our lace bras that cater to your unique needs, ensuring you feel confident and fabulous every day! Happy bra shopping!

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