Underwired Lace Bras For Full Figured And Fuller Bust Women

Our Story.

Welcome to Fit Au Max Lingerie, where we embody "Maximum Fit" – offering unparalleled support with our collection of supportive lace bras and full coverage bras, tailored to meet your needs.

Explore our Supportive Bra collection and experience the perfect fusion of Confidence, Style, and Comfort.

Your tireless search for the ideal fit concludes here!

Our brand was founded by women who understand the struggle of finding supportive bras firsthand. We empathize with your pain and frustration during the bra shopping journey.

Hence, our dedication to establishing a profound connection with you, understanding your unique bra needs; and helping and guiding you in finding the ideal fit.

At Fit Au Max Lingerie, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all else.

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Here's How We’re Different

Welcome to Fit Au Max Lingerie, where we stand apart by addressing your challenges in finding a supportive bra, a perfect fit bra, and those elusive bra sizes. Our mission is to make your bra shopping experience effortless and satisfying.
Step into a world of exceptional bra designed for curvy women with fuller chests. Our selection at Fit Au Max Lingerie is far from ordinary, meticulously curated, and exclusively European-made. Discover the finest full coverage bras, underwire bras, pretty panties, and synchronized lingerie, all tailored specifically for women like us. Embrace the elegance and comfort you truly deserve with our exquisite collection.
At Fit Au Max Lingerie, we cater to women who seek more than just bras. We offer quality bras that genuinely provide support, panties that effortlessly blend prettiness and comfort, and sexy lingerie that embraces and celebrates our curves without any self-consciousness. Embrace the confidence and allure you deserve with our thoughtfully crafted collection.
We take immense pride in the exceptional quality and intricate craftsmanship of our supportive bras.
Our supportive bras are a testament to our unwavering pride in exceptional quality and intricate craftsmanship. Indulge in the luxurious allure of our supportive bras, adorned with exquisite silks, satins, soft embroideries, and stunning lace. Elevate your confidence while experiencing unparalleled support and comfort like never before.

Our Mission

Whether you're searching for DDD cup size bras or satin lace panties, we've got you covered!
At Fit Au Max Lingerie, we embarked on a mission to address a problem we intimately understand - the struggle of finding a cute, comfortable, and supportive bra for larger busts. We firmly believe that this search doesn't have to be so challenging, and we are determined to offer the solution you've been looking for.

Our mission is straightforward and clear:
Our vision is to make beautiful, comfortable, and supportive bras and panties readily available to women who are often overlooked by major brands. We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and comfortable in her bra, and we are committed to making that a reality.
We prioritize your needs and obsess over every detail, so you can relax and enjoy the perfect lingerie without worry.

Indeed, let's celebrate you! Your uniqueness, your beauty, and your confidence inspire us to provide the best bra options tailored to your desires and needs. At Fit Au Max, it's all about empowering you to feel exceptional and cherished.
Our lace bras are specially designed to enhance the confidence and posture of full-figured and fuller bust women. With exquisite lace and thoughtful engineering, these bras provide the perfect combination of support and elegance, empowering you to feel fabulous and comfortable throughout the day.
Experience the perfect lift and side support with our lace bras. Embrace the joy of feeling delighted and undeniably sexy every time you wear them. Our lace bras are designed to empower you with the ultimate blend of comfort and allure, leaving you with a smile that radiates confidence.
Give us a try today and immerse yourself in our sensational collection, paired with our exceptional client service. Discover the difference at Fit Au Max Lingerie, where your satisfaction is our top priority. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and making your lingerie shopping experience truly delightful.

Our Focus

We take a personal approach at helping you find your perfect fit bra; unlike most big players in the industry, who focus on mass production we believe in working with you one-on-one to help find that bra that you have been looking for.
Can you relate to any of these common problems?
1- Searching endlessly for a practical, comfortable and supportive bra?
2- Purchasing an expensive bra, only to find that it does not do the job?
3- Or, Eventually finding that one bra that worked for you, but being unable to find a replacement because that one style that fit you has been discontinued?
4- Are most of the bras you find just boring, devoid of character and sex appeal?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, look no further!

Oh! By the way, If we cannot find your perfect bra we promise to refund your money no question asked.

What do you get in our bras?

1- Multi-part U-type underwire cups for optimal shaping.
2- Lightly padded for superior comfort.
3- Structured side panels for maximum lift and support.
4- Soft, breathable fabrics.
5- Available in a variety of styles and colors.
6- Plunging necklines for sexy outfits.
7- Rigid center core for a delicate appearance.
8- Adjustable shoulder straps.
9- Secure clasps for effortless wear underwire lace bras.

Plus Size Supportive Bras

Shop Supportive Lace Bras

Underwear Lace Bras For Every Size And Shape

Plus size bras with support can be challenging to find. If you’re ready to buy a plus size bra that will provide the lift and support you require without compromising on appearance or comfort, choose a Fit Au Max Lingerie product. In a wide selection of sizes, colors, materials and styles, our range of supportive bras and lingerie can cater to practically every need, regardless of your size and shape. Our philosophy is that body shape should be no impediment to the variety of bra styles and options available to our customers. 

Finding Your Best Plus Size Full Coverage Lace Bra

We are committed to helping you find your best fitting supportive bra. If you have struggled with “spillage” from the top or the side of your bra, poor fit, or lack of support, rest assured that Fit Au Max Lingerie has the right full coverage supportive bra for you. To help you find the right bra, start by checking to see how your measurements fit into ourbra sizing chart. Our sizes range from B to M cup size bras, 30-50 band size.

We offer an inclusive range of supportive lace underwire bras and appealinglingerie. You can use our handy guide tomeasure your correct bra sizeand ensure you’re getting the support you need.

Fit Au Max Lingerie is on your side in the search for a full coverage underwire bra that will give your breasts the support and comfort, as well as the lift and shape you seek. Our site organizes bras not only by size, but by price range and color. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find a bra to suit your needs, whether you’re searching for a t-shirt bra, comfort bra, full cup, or something to wear for special occasions.

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