Fit Au Max means “Maximum Fit,” and that will always be our mission. 

 What We Do 

We sail beyond practicality to craft supportive underwire lace bras and coordinated form-flattering intimates. Each piece provides comfortable, functional coverage and a beautiful boost to self-esteem. Made exclusively for full busted and full figured goddesses, Fit Au Max Lingerie crafts the industry’s most luxurious underwire lingerie to accentuate the curves of stylish women. 

Why We’re Here 

With the average bras for large breasts forcing women to choose between fashion or function, we’ve created a lineup that combines the best of both worlds. Our supportive bras with lift utilize an ergonomically tailored design to produce an elegant breast shape on curvy bodies, whether you’re looking for full coverage, back support, or something sexy.  

Our goal is to help you find the best bra for support and lift for large breasts - all while making it easier to coordinate ensembles and experiment with your look. 

The most common bra size in the United States is 34DD, yet the best bra for lift and side support is often hidden in the back of the department store. Now, we’re bringing 5x lingerie into the limelight, with a better fitting bra and underwire lingerie that demands attention. 

When We Started 

We created Fit Au Max Lingerie to address the issues that lingerie for large breasts and full figured females often ignore. As a team, we’ve experienced those problems firsthand. So, we developed a carefully curated lineup of comfort-fitting bras, pretty panties, and synchronized lingerie to solve the problem. Our clientele never has to choose between fashion and function again, nor should they ever have to. 

Who We Serve  

At Fit Au Max Lingerie, we pride ourselves on offering only high-quality products and ensembles. So, our entire inventory is stocked with top European name brands. Our Gorsenia™ bra and Weismann™ bra are two of our hottest sellers, with a variety of styles and features that serve curvy bodies by providing support where it’s needed most. 

These gorgeous pieces come in any available size for an attractive mixture of practicality, functionality, and whimsy.  

In a world where finding well-fitted plus size bras and panties is no fun, we make it enjoyable. In fact, we’re so committed to helping you find the perfect fit that we’re willing to exchange the bra until you get one that’s true to size. And if we can’t match your bust with a beautiful comfort fitting bra, we’ll offer a full refund instead. Either way, you’ll feel good about your body type and look great while doing it - all without being ostracized to the back of the department store. 

How We’re Different 

We aren’t your run-of-the-mill lingerie store for curvy women with fuller chests. Our bras are embellished with luxurious silks and satins, soft embroideries, and gorgeous lace to enhance your confidence while holding things together. Say goodbye to boring designs and flat, neutral fabrics. Fit Au Max Lingerie is different, and we plan to stay that way.  

Here are just a few advantages to wearing a Fit Au Max Lingerie lace underwire bra:  

  • Multi-part U-type underwire cups for optimal shaping 
  • Lightly padded for superior comfort  
  • Structured side panels for maximum lift and support 
  • Soft, breathable fabrics  
  • Available in a variety of styles and colors  
  • Plunging necklines for sexy outfits  
  • Rigid center core for a delicate appearance  
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 
  • Secure clasps for effortless wear  

Did we mention how sexy these bra and panty sets are? Best of all, we offer band sizes 30 to 50, with cup sizes B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J in stock. Also, our F through I inventory comes with wider shoulder straps for even more posture support. 

DID YOU KNOW: A pair of D-cup breasts can weigh as much as 20+ pounds, causing severe back pain without a comfort fitting bra to provide lift.  

 Where to Shop  

To find sexy, supportive bras with good fits, look no further than Fit Au Max Lingerie. We help you get a better bra fitting whether you wear a D cup bra or an H cup bra, with an online sizing guide and exceptional customer service. Our team is personally invested in your ability to feel good in your own skin, so we strive to offer only the best-looking pieces on the European market.  

We offer double and triple cup sizes, extended band lengths, and instant access to your favorite styles as well. You can shop by color, search by bra size, and even watch videos explaining how our brand is different. When you’re ready to buy, check out our bras, panties, sets, and collections to find something pretty and perfect. You no longer have to settle for a good bra when you can have something exceptional from Fit Au Max Lingerie.  

Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube for more information or to get help finding your ideal bra or lingerie ensemble. We are the most couture lingerie store in Queens, with a large local following and global respect within the industry. So, stop hiding in the back of the department store and start wearing a bra that fits properly and looks as amazing as you do.  

Create a Fit Au Max account for exclusive access to deals, discounts, and announcements. Or submit your information for a tailored bra order to get the exact proportions and style you want. Looking for a sexy, supportive surprise to give someone else? Purchase one of our gift cards or shop our sales to get more bang for your buck. Visit us today at www.fitaumax.com

Thank you!