Fit Au Max simply put “Maximum Fit” - Maximum Support and Coverage.

Fit Au Max Lingerie is located in New York City. We started Fit Au Max Lingerie because we believe every woman with fuller busts should have access to functional and beautiful supportive bras that also happen to be sexy. If you believe that finding supportive bras should not be hard, you understand the struggle we go through to find that one bra that works at an affordable price.

Many women with fuller busts are spending a fortune just to find a bra that is both supportive and gorgeous. Even when we are fortunate enough to find that one support bra that works for us, the challenge turns into how to find the same style when the time comes to replace the bra. Fit Au Max Lingerie tackles these problems head on because women with fuller busts should not have to struggle to find affordable beautiful and elegant supportive bras in different styles and colors. We started Fit Au Max Lingerie as an effort to disrupt the big players who have left us behind. Fit Au Max Lingerie is here to help put an end to the ridiculous struggles women with fuller busts.

Here is how we’re different
In the USA, the average bra size has increased from a 34B to a 34DDD, yet, most bra stores cater to the regular sizes. According to the New York Times, as many as 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. For women who wear DDD cup sizes or above, a well-constructed, proper-fitting bra is a necessity. Women with fuller busts face a scarcity of accessible supportive bras, which can lead to any number of issues, from low self-confidence due to sagging breasts to back pain and more.
Understand that to make a supportive bra for larger breast sizes, it's simply not enough to copy a design for a smaller cup size and increase the measurements. Bra design requires nuanced construction and relevant materials.

To that end, Fit Au Max Lingerie is here to satisfy the unmet need of an underserved market. The bras that we curate at Fit Au Max Lingerie come from European lingerie manufacturers that specialize in bra construction for full figured women. We offer a diverse selection of supportive bras in a wide range of colors and styles in hard-to-find sizes. Beyond simply selling bras, we educate women about the proper bra fit, how to find the right size, and the parts and features of a bra that create the best fit.

Whether it’s DDD cup size bras, supportive bras or satin lace panties, we got you
Our goal at Fit Au Max Lingerie is to eliminate the pain and struggle of finding luxurious and lacy supportive bras at affordable prices by making these support bras accessible to all women with fuller busts. We promise to stay with you during the shopping journey and after your purchase.
Let’s celebrate you! We sell nothing but the best, most comfortable, highest quality products for men, fuller busts women, women with larger breasts and full-figured women.

Thanks for your support, go ahead try one of our bras today and tell us what you think! Contact us 
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