Measuring Your Bra Size for a Perfect Fit

Are you familiar with the preferred method for measuring your bra size for a perfect fit? It’s common knowledge that your bra size can change multiple times during your life: as your weight shifts over the course of time. If you wear the wrong bra size, you can experience a lot of discomfort issues 

How best to find your cup size and bra band size? Fit Au Max Lingerie presents our step-by-step video guide to getting your bust measurements and finding the right bra size for you. 

Measuring Your Bra Size at Home

We will demonstrate how to measure your bra size correctly so you can buy the perfect bra from Fit Au Max Lingerie. Use a standard measuring tape and round your measurements to the nearest whole number.

  • Please take the measurements with the bra on. 
  • First, measure the band width. This is the measurement of your ribcage that is under the breasts.Under the Breasts Measurement
  • Next, measure the cup size by measuring over the breasts. The biggest part of the breasts.Over the breasts Measurements
  • To find the right-sized bra for you, you have to refer to the sizing chart. The sizing chart helps you find the bra size based on your measurements.

The bra size chart is a valuable tool for determining your bra size so you can buy the correct bra size that you need. 

It is very important for a full-figured woman to resize her bra when she loses or gains weight. A well-fitting bra ensures perfect look and perfect feel. At Fit Au Max Lingerie, all our bras are equipped with bones in the bands. The bones create a much-desired slimming effect. This is achieved by perfect harmony of all the parts, such as the center gore, the wings, the cradle, the bands, and the bones, all fitting together to create a firm yet comfortable bra, from the fullest part of the breasts to the straps. The addition of bones in Fit Au Max Lingerie bras help with weight balance. 

Lace Bras

At Fit Au Max Lingerie, we have a wide array of gorgeous and practical bras to choose from, and we highly recommend that you interchange your bras to avoid overstretching them. An ill-fitting bra should be replaced: you can only adjust the bra band and straps so much! 

Regardless of the breast shape, we have a bra style that will suit your needs. Visit us today at for your full-figured bras.

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