What Are the Benefits of Wearing A Good Full Figured Support Bra?

 Who does not want bountiful busts? But why does brisk walking make your breasts feel like they are dropping? Well, this happens when we fail to understand the importance of wearing a fitting Support Bra. Support bras are designed to prevent the breasts from spilling over and swinging sideways. A Support bra provides proper coverage. Besides providing comfort, today, Support bras have become fashionable wear for most women. 

full-figured support bras

Full Figured Support Bras are firm and comfortable bras which provide full support to the breasts while doing any physical activity. Oftentimes we may experience significant bounce when wearing a regular non supportive bra. Wearing the right-sized support bra is very beneficial especially to Fuller Bust women and Full Figured women. 

5 Reasons Why Every Full Figured Woman Should Have These Support Bras In Their Wardrobe

For Comfort

Support Bras provide comfort. These bras are well-engineered as such that they prevent jiggling and spillage. Most Support bras come with full coverage cups, structured side panels, wider shoulder straps for bigger cups, firm and wider bra bands. The Bra band does the heavy lifting, thus helping the Support Bra to stay in place

As Minimizer Bras

Support Bras help minimize the breasts because they come with full coverage cups. Therefore you need not worry about jiggling, spillage or too much cleavage.

They Maintain the Breasts Shape by providing Side Support

Support bras help maintain the shape of the breasts by providing side support, therefore they prevent the sagging look and spillage. Support bras are highly recommended for Full Figured women because they provide firmness, and they allow for easy movement and support

They help with Posture Correction

Support bras help improve body posture, and posture correction. The full coverage cups, the structured side panels and the wider shoulder straps for bigger cups help improve mobility, and they help provide relief from back and shoulder pain

They are Trendy and Fashionable

Compared to the regular non supportive bras, support bras are quite trendy as they provide for easy movement. With Support Bras you need not worry about bounces, spillage and too much cleavage. Wearing Support Bras as a top is a trend now. Full-figured support bras have become casual fashion staples now.  The online market is full of trendy and stylish support bras. Furthermore, most full-figured women tend to wear support bras on a daily basis rather than wearing non-supportive regular bras. 

full-figured support bras


Select the best support bra that truly fits you. Choose wisely. The best support bra for full figured women features a comfortable combination of functional coverage and maximum fit, not just one or the other. The right plus size bra and panty sets can make you feel empowered and admired. With colorful support bras and sexy lingerie in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, Fit Au Max Lingerie puts “pretty” and “poised” back into your vocabulary. Try our beautiful Victoria Black Bra from Gorsenia or the sensational Samanta Blue Lace Bra from Wiesmann