Fit Au Max Lingerie Caters to Customers One Support Bra at A Time

Slip into one of the best bras for plus sized women and find some colorful lace panties to match. Thanks to the Fit Au Max Lingerie Sizing Guide and our award-winning customer service, you get beautiful bras with side support and plus size lace underwear to help you feel sexy, sweet, and sophisticated no matter what you wear over it.  

“Amazing staff they helped me find the right size bra and I got it in less than a week. I am very pleased with my purchase.” - Nichole June 22nd 2021

How Fit Au Max Lingerie customer care is different 

A Fit Au Max Lingerie plus size bra offers more than just support and coverage. It’s a flattering underwire bra that accentuates your figure plus a full coverage bra to coordinate with all your outfits. Simple and elegantly stitched, our boosting braziers stand alone as one of the only bras with lift for large busts. 

“The Best I have ever ordered. Wow thank you so much I love them and the colors are great. I am about to order 4 more.” - Violet May 6th 2021

Our brand has been synonymous with the best support bras for full figured women since the dawn of the decade. Meanwhile, our commitment to customer service continues to elevate our approach even more. Not only is our lace lingerie delicate, fun, and trendy, but it’s also ideal for all body types and easy to wear. 

Perfect! This bra is fantastic. The side support is the best of any bra that I have ever purchased. The lift, the fit, the comfort of the wide bands are all above my expectation.” - Dennis March 30th 2021


excellent customer careWe deliver large cups size bras and matching lace underwear (plus size) with a non-judgmental smile and personal knowledge about what plus size women need out of their full figured bras. So, whether you’re trying to buy a Gorsenia bra or looking for affordable plus size bras, Fit Au Max Lingerie is the place to be and here are three good reasons why:  

 “This is a gorgeous comfortable bra. Nice rounded shape. Very Supportive.” - Diane May 17th 2021

#1. We offer a full lineup of specialty bras for full figured women. 

Our quality promise begins with our carefully curated inventory of bras for large bust women. Although we carry a wide variety of different sizes, we specialize in offering the best underwire bras and panties for plus size divas. Even our clearance plus size bras get made with your unique body type in mind, so there’s never any stress at the rack and plenty of help if there is. 

“Excellent! I have been going through a lot to get the best, good quality fitted bra for myself, and those of you with big boobs know exactly what I’m talking about.” - Chioma June 15th 2021

#2. We help you find your bra size and the perfect fit bra before you buy one. 

We know how scary it can be to enter the dressing room without a clue about what you’re buying. And with so many different styles, choosing one that’s both flattering and well fitting can be tough. So, our sizing experts remain on call to help when you buy lace bras online. After all, getting affordable plus size bras should be easier than they make it in the department store. 

FUN FACT: Fit Au Max Lingerie  bras and panties come in a wide variety of vibrant colors, with intricate patterns, prints, and details to help you feel oh so pretty. 


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FUN FACT: We carry styles for women who wear up to bra size M, with band sizes from 30 to 50 inches in diameter for a fully tailored fit. 

#3. We let you return any bra that doesn’t fit your body right. 

Quality lace bras almost always come with a risk, but Fit Au Max Lingerie fixes that. Find gorgeous lace bras on sale and take advantage of our easy and convenient return policy. Even if you get one of our Wiesmann bras on sale, you’re welcome to exchange it for another size if it doesn’t fit your body perfectly. For more information on how that works, talk to one of our friendly customer service agents right away. 

 “Love It! This bra ended up being a perfect fit and so pretty! Two tries before I got the right size, but Kathy was so friendly and there to help!” - Cindy. Mar 21st 2021

FUN FACT: The average woman’s bra size changes slightly throughout the month, and it can fluctuate by as much as one full cup size depending on the time of year. 

What gives Fit Au Max Lingerie bras and panties sets their cozy fit? 

With the other leading company, when you buy a side support bra for plus size women you generally have to give up style. And when you choose style instead, you usually sacrifice comfort. But Fit Au Max Lingerie offers the best of both worlds and backs that claim up with sizing assistance and a perfect fit guarantee. Besides, our lace bras are made specifically for vivacious women like us. 

“Excellent Fit! I’ve been looking for a sexy, nicely made, quality red bra in my size for months. So glad I finally found one!” - Jacqueline March 19th 2021

With durable stitching, industry-leading ergonomics, and form-fitting designs, our lace bra is iconic for being cute, cozy, and cohesive with your flirty style. Get full cups bras and sport the kind of lace underwear plus size women always dream of wearing - all without stressing over slippage, side boob, pinching, or bunching. And since our stock is all silk, satin, and lace, your sensitive skin will also thank you.

“My wife got these for me as a surprise. I love surprises like this. These panties are so pretty and comfy she has actually ordered me more.”- Miss Rick June 22nd 2021

Get the most comfortable bra with our free sizing consultation

Not sure where to begin when shopping for simple white lace bras and matching panties? Perhaps you’re wanting a sexy lingerie set instead or a wide straps bra. How do you know which sizes to pick, and what happens if you buy the wrong ones? With Fit Au Max Lingerie’s free sizing consultation, you can rest easy at the checkout and then slip into something more comfortable with plenty of support at every turn.

NOTE: Check out our simple bra sizing chart to get started on your own.  

Well fitted bras with zero risk

A Fit Au Max Lingerie bra is just what the name suggests - fit to the max. Each stitch is inlayed into fine materials with your curvy body type in mind, and every step of the buying process is tailored to your unique needs. Our customer service focuses on making you feel more comfortable every step of the way. 

“I was called on the phone to verify my actual size before the free replacement was sent...and this bra fits perfectly!” - Yuddie February 24th 2021 

customer care

From the initial sizing consultation and color or style selection to the final fitting and sale, your interests remain protected at all times. Our luxury lineup of lace bras and coordinating panties aims to elevate the standard of elegance for stylish full figured women like you. And with an affordable side support bra plus size women can feel proud to wear, your confidence won’t be the only thing getting attention anymore.

“Am so happy. Got exactly what I wanted. Getting more. Got excited so happy got exactly what I wanted.” Helen March 22nd 2021