The Bra Company That Specializes In Support Bras For Full Breasts

Shop with a bra company that specializes in support bras for full breasts. And remember that full-figured women aren’t the only people with large cups sizes. You can have a big bust without a rotund waistline. So, choose brands that understand the human body. 

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What's The Difference Between a Full Bust and a Full-Figure Woman? 

Full-figured women often have large busts and are of bigger body type. However, large-busted women do not always or not necessarily have bigger body type or full-figured. There’s a difference between having a bigger body type and having big boobs. And both groups deserve to feel comfortable in their skin. 

Full-busted divas lug around massive amounts of chest meat on petite frames. If not well supported the heavy busts may look top-heavy, may look disproportionate, or unattractive in fitted clothes. Just like a full-figured woman, petite gals with large bras need supportive lingerie that smooths their figure and boosts their self-esteem. Sexy lace bras for heavy breasts help us make the most of what our mamas gave us.  

FACT: You can be tiny with large boobs or plus-size with small breasts. A person’s frame has little to do with their natural breast size.

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Petite Women Can Have Large Cup Size Breasts 

Dress to impress and support yourself with our high-end lingerie. Then be proud of your large chest because it makes you beautiful. Remember, not every buxom babe is a plus-size woman. You can heave heavy boobs and still have small dimensions. 

Some of the best-known names in Hollywood wear big bra sizes and look great in their designer gowns. Here are three prime examples: 

#1. Dolly Parton 

Dolly Parton is famous for her angelic singing voice and humanitarian efforts. But many people recognize her bra size first. Ms. Parton is only five feet tall and weighs just over 100 pounds. However, she carries around a 36E cup on a 25-inch waist. 

#2. Pamela Anderson 

Pam wears a DD cup size bra but only weighs about 117 pounds. She’s one of the models from the hit 90’s show, Baywatch. And although she no longer struts her stuff on the beach, she still possesses a perky chest because of her bras with lift. 

#3. Sophia Vergara 

Sophia Vergara was once voted one of the most beautiful women in the world. Yet she contains her spicy personality within just five feet and seven inches of fabulousness. And she wears a 38DD bra size although her scale reads less than 125 pounds. So, she’s certainly a fan of cute lace bras with lots of support. 

So, how do they do it? The stars look fantastic in photos and flawless on the big screen. But do they wear Fit Au Max Lingerie? HINT: Big-breasted celebrities would never buy their bras from the mall..

Supportive Bras for Full Breasts, Not Just Full Figures 

Most lingerie manufacturers want to attract as many customers as they can. So, they make sexy bras and panties sets to fit the mainstream. That’s why you find several petite options on retail racks, while discovering very little for fuller figures. 

Popular brands can design countless ensembles and still not enhance your body type. Prime retailers only offer sexy lace lingerie for cookie-cutter curves. But you can find a sexy support bra regardless of your dimensions. And that’s because Fit Au Max Lingerie makes side support bras for heavy breasts, not just heavy scales. 

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Usually, full-breasted women must choose between style and comfort. They either wear cute lace bras and panties that don’t fit correctly, or they wear ugly mismatched pieces. Until recently, there were only a few alternatives. So, full-figured women suffer alongside petite women with large busts. Both groups must buy less attractive underwear with higher price tags. That’s not fair. 

Fit Au Max Lingerie fights the discrimination. Our specialized collection of lingerie proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We even offer crossdresser panties, panties for men, and men’s bras because everyone deserves to feel sexy. Fit Au Max Lingerie support bras for sagging breasts range in size from 44C to F. That way you look hot no matter the measurements. 

Why Large Breasts Need Big Support 

A person’s body mass index (BMI) doesn’t determine whether their breasts are heavy. That means skinny women can have massive chests like full-figured women. Meanwhile, boobs weigh several pounds each. And they can get heavier over time. 

The average 38DDD bra sizes checks in at around 23 pounds in total. So, let’s do the math. If someone weighs 120 pounds with a bust that big, then their bodies are about 20% breast fat. Now, move up in size to the 36F bras. Your heavy chest can become even more burdensome then. 

The skinnier you are, the more pressure your large breasts put on your spine. Over time, the continual weight on your back can cause permanent damage. And in extreme cases, heavy breasts bring severe pain, spine curvature, and long-term posture problems. Meanwhile, those risks exist despite a person’s weight or figure. So, women need good supportive bras no matter what. 

Extra chest mass requires extra support on the sides and underneath to prevent discomfort and injury. In most cases, that means wearing full-coverage bras with underwire. But heavy breasts can limit a woman’s wardrobe options. And if she likes wearing unlined lace bras, she has few options besides Fit Au Max Lingerie. 

Fit Au Max Lingerie bras and panties sets are luxurious and sexy. We know that cheap lace bras can’t support a full bust, and they don’t last long either. Plus, the shoddy materials break down quickly. The rigid straps won’t suit your unique body type. And that means bargain bras seldom reduce back pain, pinching, bulging, or sagging like ours. 

DID YOU KNOW: There are seven different types of boobs and eight kinds of nipples. But Fit Au Max Lingerie makes sexy lace bras for everyone, with hot lace panties to match. 

Got Full Breasts? Get Fit Au Max Bras. 

Find the perfect supportive bra for your beautiful body. Use our comprehensive Bra Size How-To Video to determine the best fit. Then review the Fit Au Max Bra Sizing Chart to double-check dimensions. And don’t forget to create an account so we can help you track body changes and keep up with lingerie trends.