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Many people find their lace bras online. Others buy lace bras in the store. But affordable plus size bras are rare. It’s still hard to find a comfortable, supportive, and stylish set in today’s world. 

Much of the problem has to do with bra size. Not only do women’s bodies fluctuate throughout the year but the topic of bra sizing isn’t necessarily dinner talk. Many women end up not knowing how to find the best fit bra, so they turn to one-size-fits-all options instead. 

But did you know that it’s actually easy to find the perfect bra for your body type? For too long, full-figured women were vastly underrepresented in the sexy lingerie department. Now, they have so many options that it’s time to start talking about possibilities. Welcome to the world of Fit Au Max Lingerie, where your figure matters. 

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What Factors Determine Your Bra Size?

The most comfortable bra fits like a glove. It hugs in all the right places and remains loose in all the others. It is, in essence, a part of your body with a mind of its own. You want it to match your style and make you feel sexy. 

But those are the only factors that play into your purchase. So, here’s what else you need to know: 

1. The Volume of Your Bra Cup

A plus size bra for your type generally has to carry more volume. D-cups can weigh as much as 23 pounds altogether. Thus, bras for large bust women must feature full coverage cups to help support the load. 

Large cups size bras and full cups bras are ideal for your beautiful body type. That’s because they embrace your big breasts, separate for aesthetics, and offer lift with the right design. 

2. Your Rib Circumference 

Bras for full figured women are different. They have to support more weight while still being adorable, affordable, and cozy. So, your ribcage dimensions are important. 

Well fitted bras for plus size divas come with various band widths. Get something too small and it may be snug but get something too large and it won’t support your body. 

3. How Much Breast Support You Need 

A support bra with lift and side support is essential to the full figured woman. However, cute underwire bras for your body type are hard to find in larger sizes. So, a full coverage bra for larger breasts is a sexy alternative. .

Bras with side support, combined with ergonomic underwiring, are the most comfortable underwear on the planet. It all depends on how you want your silhouette to look. 

TIP: To determine your ideal bra size, use the Fit Au Max Lingerie˜ Bra Size Chart or contact someone in customer service. 


Why Full-Figured Bras Are Different 

Attractive bras and panties sets come in all shapes and sizes. That can make bra shopping very challenging. But the perfect fit bra with support for your body type may not be found in stores. The type of side support bras plus size women need can be found online at Fit Au Max Lingerie, though. 

The best bras for plus size women are different because they have a bigger job to do. Take our Wiesmann bras on sale, for example. You can get a lace bra and matching lace panties while still enjoying the lift, separation, and figure-flattering cuts you desire. They’re not like anything you find on the rack. 

And when you buy Gorsenia bras, you automatically get the best support bras for full figured women and a boost to your confidence. Their white lace bras feature intricate designs, perfect piping, and re-enforced clasps to keep you comfortable all day. Voted as one of the best underwire bras for large breasts, the elegantly elevated Fit Au Max Lingerie collection doesn’t play (unless you want it to).  

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How to Find the Most Comfortable Plus Size Lace Underwear 

Finding the best lace lingerie that suits your bodacious body type is like a dream come true. That’s especially since most chain retailers don’t offer extended sizes with the same commitment to style, comfort, and versatility. Most of the time, determined divas end up wearing cheap plus size bras just to stop shopping. 

But beautiful bras and lace panties for plus size women are only a few steps away. Here’s how to find what you’re looking for: 

  • Determine Your Dimensions - Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your rib cage just below your breasts. Also measure the circumference from the tip of your nipple around.
  • Decide What You Need - Your body is unique. So, do you need lift or support more? There’s a gorgeous bra just waiting for you to wear it. 
  • Check Out Different Styles - Don’t settle on one type of full figure bra. Variety is the spice of life. So, watch our Parts of a Bra instructional video for more tips. 
  • Coordinate a Cute Lingerie Set - Pick out something that makes you feel good in your own skin. Match the color to your tone or coordinate with your favorite wardrobe pieces. 
  • Order Online - Forget going to the stores only to walk out empty handed or disappointed. Take advantage of the convenience of online bra shopping. 
  • Meanwhile, enjoy free shipping within the United States on all orders over $100. Plus, get a quality guarantee from Fit Au Max Lingerie™ and the peace of mind that comes with wearing such a sophisticated brand. 

    Get Undressed with Confidence 

    There’s no shortage of cheap lace bras. You can find lace bras on sale in nearly every clothing store in the nation. But lace underwear plus size women would want to wear - that’s another story. It can be tough to find something that suits your sultry body type and makes you feel good about yourself. 

    But Fit Au Max Lingerie pledges to make that easier, with an expanded inventory of high-quality lace lingerie fashions that hug your curves like a beautiful best friend. There is even clearance plus size bras with support to consider. So, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds just because of your full figure? Not us.