Why do Larger Busts Need Some Structure And A little Rigidity?

While society may deem it as a blessing, having a large bust can come with a lot of headaches and pains. In supporting the weight of a heavy bust, the muscles in the back are faced with the strain of keeping the breasts balanced and free of discomfort. Without a bra, there is a guarantee for back, neck and chest pain due to the tension and stress the breasts weight can cause. This leads to the age-old debate in the bra wearing community: to wear underwire, or not to wear underwire? 

A good bra is designed with a solid foundation. For a fuller bust, the foundation should be built by a sturdy bra band, supportive wide straps and comfortable well constructed underwires. 

underwired blue lace bra

Let’s Talk About Underwire 

The initial reaction to underwire can be reluctant. Some may feel as though it’s a means to an end -- how else are you supposed to get support if not by squeezing into a too-tight bra that’ll glue your breasts in place rather than giving them flexibility and support to breathe? Others forego the bra altogether, welcoming the consequences of no support where it is needed most. 

Contrary to misconception, the underwire of a bra can be the glue that holds the whole piece together. There’s purpose in its structured design, though each bra calls for a little tweaking to fit the various styles a bra with an underwire offers. The underwire is a tool for maintaining the shape of a bra and holding larger breasts up and steady. Underwire offers a specific rigidity that sculpts breasts to fit a flattering silhouette. 

There’s a common belief that underwire and rigidity in a bra are a surefire way to be uncomfortable. Instead, consider the way underwire frames the shape of a bra and how careful measurements can make any bra fit like a glove.

underwired white lace bra

Structure Matters

That isn’t to be confused with the overuse of underwire that results in a stiff, uncomfortable bra that no one wants to wear. When constructed and tailored carefully to fulfill the bra’s desired purpose and to provide comfort for the wearer, a bra with underwire can fit like a glove. For larger busts, there is a need for the kind of structure. Without any form at all, heavy busts are at risk of experiencing pain associated with bad posture and back pain caused by the weight imbalance. A bra that offers rigidity, even a little bit, is better than one that offers none. 

At Fit Au Max Lingerie, our bras are carefully designed with well tailored narrow light U-shaped wires which give a centering effect and are generally suitable for women with large breasts, because they do not stretch (they do not give a spread-across-the-chest look)as wide as plunge..

There are bras that exist for all bodies, all shapes and all sizes, including those in the LGBTQ+ community that are looking to form and shape their busts comfortably. Everyone deserves a well-designed bra that makes them feel good in their body just like any Fit Au Max Lingerie bra.

underwired black lace bra

Everyone Needs Support

Those in the LGBTQ+ community that may need support or binding for large breasts have options, too. A large bust is not gender-specific. Anyone with a heavier bust can use accurate measurements to find the support customized to their support and needs. From lift to compression, there is a bra for all.

Don’t settle for an average bra. Using a size chart or custom measurements will ensure a bra that is built for your needs, which is crucial in supporting a larger bust. 

Design The Bra Made For You

Making sure that you are wearing the right size bra can determine the comfortability aspect of it altogether. If a bra has straps that are too loose, a band that is too tight, or cup sizes that swallow your breasts whole, it is likely you are wearing the wrong bra size. By using a sizing chart and measurements, you can easily determine the best fit for your body. If you don’t feel confident measuring yourself, use Fit Au Max Lingerie’s free sizing consultation, you can rest easy at the checkout and then slip into something more comfortable with plenty of support at every turn. Also other stores that sell underwears do give sizing advice too. Getting a professional and accurate verdict on what size and support your breasts will need is invaluable.

underwired red lace bra

A Fit Au Max Lingerie bra is just what the name suggests - fit to the max. In a Fit Au Max underwire lace bra you you will get an excellent craftsmanship in feminine designs. Each stitch is inlayed into fine materials with your curvy body type in mind, and every step of the buying process is tailored to your unique needs. There is something available for every body type and every body shape. 

From the initial sizing consultation and color or style selection to the final fitting and sale, your interests remain protected at all times. Our luxury lineup of lace bras and coordinating panties aims to elevate the standard of elegance for stylish full figured women like you. And with an affordable side support bra plus size women can feel proud to wear, your confidence won’t be the only thing getting attention anymore.

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