8 Funny Struggles Only Large Breasted Women Can Understand + Solutions

The big bust struggle is real. You constantly tug on your clothes, sleep in uncomfortable positions, and make excuses for your wardrobe. And just because you have a large bust doesn't mean you feel sexy. Most lingerie for plus-size women is still ugly, monochrome, or cheap looking. So, what gives? 

Women with large breasts or full figures must face unique challenges every day. The simple act of buying lace bras for large bust body types can be a headache. And you can forget about finding panties for men or stylish bras for LGBTQ+ communities. Until Fit Au Max Lingerie hit the stage, the pickings were pretty slim. 

Eight Not-So Funny Facts About Having Big Bust 

Raise your hand if you're a proud member of the Big Boob Brigade. According to medical studies, most women sport a 34DD cup size or bigger. So, you're not alone in this fight for the perfect fit bra. People have been trying to understand boob science since the dawn of time. But only people with massive breasts can appreciate these eight universal struggles: 

beige large cups lace bra

#1. The Boob Sweat Struggle Is Real 

Boob sweat can pool under each breast and in your cleavage, making you feel sticky and uncomfortable. After a while, stagnant sweat can start to stink or cause skin irritation that itches or hurts. Meanwhile, your undergarments make things worse because of heavy, non-breathable materials. This is not what they meant by "hot girl summer." 

SOLUTION: Learn about the parts of a bra to determine which features you require most.  

#2. You Can Choose Any Color As Long as It's Black, White, or Nude 

It's hard to find colorful bras and panties sets when you're rocking a full figure. Maybe plus-size divas are limited to wearing white lace bras and black lace bras for a reason. Perhaps they're already too sexy, so the competition must keep them in neutral colors for safety's sake. Either way, your big boobs always catch shade in all the wrong ways. 

SOLUTION: Create a rebelliously colorful ensemble with coordinated lingerie sets from Fit Au Max Lingerie. 

#3. Everything Fits Great Except for in the Bust 

That outfit looks great on you, but those big breasts throw off your silhouette and make you look top-heavy. It doesn't matter what you wear, the same thing always happens. And the issue gets even worse when you try to wear dresses and flowing shirts. Instead of looking like a goddess, you feel like a preggie. And instead of buying new bras and panties sets, you change your style to match your restricted wardrobe. 

SOLUTION: Check bra sizes monthly and update your underwear inventory at least twice per year. 

pink lace support bra.

#4. People Ask If Your Bra Size Is Natural 

Folks come up to you and shamelessly discuss your big breasts like they are circus attractions. Some also dare to ask if you've had plastic surgery. And while it's nobody's business what you do with your body, you still despise the conversation. You much rather talk about less superficial things instead. But it's hard to wax poetically when your boobs are the main event. 

SOLUTION: Wear bras with lift and side support to help streamline your silhouette. 

#5. You're No Stranger to the "Wardrobe Malfunction" 

Because few of your clothes fit correctly and your underwear is no exception, wardrobe malfunctions are routine. You need high-waisted panties for belly support and lace panties for the party. But you can't find plus-size panties that offer the best of both worlds. So, you risk it every day with less than perfect lingerie. Then you get frustrated when your outfit looks terrible and even more feel uncomfortable. 

SOLUTION: Stop the vicious cycle with versatile lingerie sets that move from day to night. 

#6. Strapless Bras Aren't Even on the Radar 

Good luck finding and wearing strapless bras or bralettes. Your boobs are too big for such flimsy nonsense. You need to wear underwire bras for large breasts and hoist those puppies into the air. But most full coverage bras for large busts are hideous or impossible to pair with sexy clothing. That means you get stuck wearing clothes for comfort over cuteness. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

SOLUTION: Buy bras and panties sets with form-flattering cuts, durable stitching, and delicate details. 

#7. Buxom Beauties Endure a Double Standard  

Wear a low-cut top with small boobs, and you're stylish. Try it with large breasts, and you're doing too much. Society places a nasty double standard on women and completely disregards non-binary individuals. But underwire bras for large breast people help lift and shape the bust. And full-figured bras for large bust babes help keep it classy. Whether you need satin panties for men or DDD cups size bras, you should never apologize for your fabulosity.  

SOLUTION: Buy from a retailer that offers G cup size bras and plus-size panties for LGBTQ+ divas. 

#8. There's No Such Thing as a Sexy Lingerie Set for Plus Size Women 

Finding a bra and panties set for large bust body types can be frustrating. It seems like nobody knows how to make anything sexy unless it's smaller than DD cups size bras. Even the satin panties and lace lingerie ensembles get uglier as the dimensions increase. It's as if you must choose between bras with side support, bras with full cups, and bras with style. And each option leaves much to be desired. 

beige lace full coverage bras

SOLUTION: Wear support bras for fuller breast types but find elegant garments anyway.  

Fortunately, many of these struggles are over because of Fit Au Max Lingerie. Our revolutionary approach to getting dressed celebrates all body types and every lifestyle. We offer sophisticated practicality without all the heavy materials and uncomfortable construction. So, find your size and select your favorite Fit Au Max Lingerie set to win the battle of the bulge.