Your Ultimate Shopping Guide for the Perfect Fit Bra

Bra shopping can be stressful, especially if you’re looking for support bras or lace bras online. The best underwire bras aren’t always easy to find either, which is why you need this ultimate shopping checklist to help guide you. When the bras you wear for several hours a day aren’t comfortable or supportive, you just can’t be your best self. 

Plus-sized women are particularly prone to pinching, sagging, and bunching, even when they choose full figured bras. Plus, most bras for full figured women are cheaply made, inadequately designed, and unflattering to wear. But beautiful bras with side support and lift are just a few clicks away. So, let’s figure out to how to find them. 

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What Makes the Perfect Bra?

When the average woman goes to the store for a new bra, she’s presented with countless lace bras on sale. So, you might think that the most comfortable bra is the one with the most buyers and the prettiest design. But that’s not always the case. In fact, bras and panties sets from a traditional store seldom fit the bill. 

Wearing tailored lace lingerie is one thing, but what about finding the perfect full coverage bra? At today’s store, large cups size bras aren’t hard to spot. Many of them are relatively inexpensive too. The problem is that few of those options fit the unique body type of a full-figured diva. That’s because they lack the elements which provide lift, separation, support, comfort, and - most importantly - sexiness. 

Your best fit bra size is only half of the equation, though. Well fitted bras for large bust and full-size women are virtually everywhere. However, the top options always feature these 5 elements: 

#1. Full Coverage 

Buying affordable plus size bras doesn’t mean having to manage breast spillage nonstop. Full figured women can also enjoy a delicately delicious silhouette. When a luxury bra engulfs and enhances your curves like Fit Au Max™ bra, there’s no going back to those ill-fitted commercial brands for full cup bras and panties.  

#2. Robust Stitching 

Cheap lace bras can break down in no time, causing you to go on this hunt once again. But pieces with re-enforced threading are bound to last a lifetime. Every plus size bra from Fit Au Max™ Lingerie is crafted using the finest materials and the most durable stitching. Our bras help you look cute and feel comfortable for years to come. 

#3. Delicate Designs 

Bras for large bust women can be just as sexy as the tiny ones you find at chain retailers. Take a lace bra or lace panties, for example. White lace bras generally become less appealing as the size increases. But Fit Au Max™ Lingerie pays closer attention to detail, with intricately embroidered patterns, coordinated sets, and a support bra for every style.  Check out the Blanca white lace bra.

#4. Supportive Structures 

The best support bras for full figured women must hoist the bust and separate the breasts. This not only improves your appearance but it also reduces the back aches associated with your larger-than-average cup size. An underwire bra is perfect for that. It’s the kind of side support bra plus size women should always be wearing. .

#5. Custom Fittings 

Although commonly forgotten, the best plus size bra should come with complimentary sizing assistance. No two bodies are exactly the same. And you want those lace panties for plus size women to look good with your new bra.  The lace underwear plus size ladies wear is extremely sexy, so your bra need to complete that ensemble. 

Fit Au Max™Lingerie  luxury plus size bras for full figured women cover all five of those bases. They offer full cup coverage, tremendous side support, excellent lift, and stitching that outlasts many popular brands. Moreover, they’re not your run-of-the-mill lingerie. These coordinated yet interchangeable pieces set the bar much higher. 

TIP: To find the best fit bra from the fabulous Fit Au Max™ collection, measure your body and use our updated Bra Sizing Chart. Then, peruse our website using the search and contact customer service if you have questions. 

The Best Bras for Plus Size Women Are From Fit Au Max™Lingerie

Cheap plus size bras are virtually everywhere. You can buy lace bras at your local superstore or online, with a wide variety of colors and styles to explore. But the outcome is almost always the same. You end up wearing a second-rate brasier that feels uncomfortable after only a short time. Plus, it doesn’t look very hot when you take your clothes off. 

With the Fit Au Max™ Lingerie formula, you get more than just the perfect fit plus size lingerie. You also receive a trendy piece of underwear that accentuates your curves and respects your full range of motion. There is even clearance plus size bras on sale, and you can get a pair (or two) of pretty panties to match. 

Be sure to look for the Wiesmann bras on sale while you’re at it. They’re made by one of the leading brands in plus size lingerie fashion. With excellent craftsmanship and feminine designs, there’s something available for everybody. Or buy Gorsenia bras and panties sets to add some spicy variety to your underwear wardrobe. 

Whatever your choice, make sure it’s from Fit Au Max™Lingerie for guaranteed satisfaction. You can shop by cup size, shop by color, and update your measurements with our comprehensive sizing guide. Then, rest assured your perfect fit is on the way. We offer free shipping in the United States on orders over $100 and you can even create an account for faster processing and better bra fit tracking.  

Get Fit, Stay Cute

Nothing says style and sophistication like the perfect bra for plus size women. Body-positive fashion is everything we’ve been waiting for and Fit Au Max™ Lingerie is on the front lines. For more information on how our perfect fitting lingerie sets help flatter your full figure, contact:

Customer Service at 1-800-650-0089 or try one on for yourself. With our quality guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose but spillage, sagging, and back pain.