Where to buy 3 or 4 Part Lace Bra Cups Designs?

Are you familiar with the 3-part bra cup design? If you are a larger-bust woman, it is likely you know the importance of a well-fitting, supportive bra. Properly fitting bras can help women feel more confident, create a smooth silhouette, and prevent bra fit issues, such as bulges. Fit Au Max Lingerie, purveyors of high quality lingerie for larger bust size women, offers this insight into why 3-part  bras offer more comfort and support, enabling better fit for women of all sizes.

3 part bra cup


Lingerie Language: What is a 3-Part Bra Cup?

Bra cups often come in a single piece, because seams can show up through shirts or other garments and women prefer for their bras not to be visible through clothing. However, these single piece cup bras, such as molded cup bras can be impractical for women with larger cup sizes. An alternative is the seamed bras, also called a cut-and-sew bra. A 3-part bra cup is structured into three sections: one on the top, and two at the bottom typically separated by a horizontal and vertical  seam. Some that deviate from this formula use diagonal seams that have the effect of bringing breasts inward. Others provide side support panels that prevent spillage and add additional support. Most are also some variety of underwire bra, for the lift, shaping, separating, and the support the underwire provides.  .

Why 3-Part Cup Bras Are So Great for Full Busts

The 3-part bra is designed with seams that help reinforce and strengthen the fabric of the bra. They also shape them. Vertical seams improve lift, while horizontal seams improve shape. While smaller busts may not need the help with shape, larger, heavier busts, such as F, G, H, I, J, or K cups, can be very uncomfortable in bras that flatten them for long periods of time. The 3-part cup is excellent for this, as it creates lift and support while giving larger breasts the space they need to sit more comfortably. The side panels will help provide full coverage and keep your breasts in place. Please refer to part Parts of A Bra guide or video to learn how each part of the bra contributes to the support and structure of your bra. 

A 3-part bra cup is an adaptable model that can be used in a variety of bra styles. Depending on your bra size, it is not out of the ordinary to find a 4-part cup or even a 5-part cup with additional vertical seams to provide additional support and lift for heavier busts. As always, we recommend using our bra measurement guide to ensure you know your current bra size. Bra size can change several times during a woman’s lifetime, for reasons varying from pregnancy to exercise, from menopause to smoking. 

Whatever your bra size, Fit Au Max Lingerie can help you find the perfect bra. Browse our collections of bras for larger-bust women today.