Polish Full Coverage Lace Bras

In our quest to offer the best fitting and most supportive bras to women of all breast sizes, we have chose Polish lingerie brands. Why Polish bras?

Polish bras are as beautiful as the French brands, and are at a reasonable price point. Polish brand bras are known for their fit and workmanship. Wiesmann and Gorsenia are our top choices, selected after extensive research, meetings with numerous other lingerie brands from all over the world, and product testing.


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Polish Bras and Bra Fitting

Polish bras are gaining a reputation for the best fit, as described in a detailed account in the New York Times. The author describes their experience with bra fitting, or “bra fitting,” a detailed practice that is almost scientific in nature, and is particularly important for women with larger breast sizes. Bra fitting is centered around the idea that simply measuring across and under the bust will not produce a bra that fits properly. In Poland and other countries in Europe, it is not uncommon for women to visit a specialty bra fitting shop to find out their exact bra size.

As explained in the New York Times article, the practice of bra fitting originated in Britain, with a fundamental tenet stating that the band of a bra — the number in your bra size, such as 34 or 40 — provides most of the support, and in many cases should be smaller than what standard sizing methods dictate. Bands are the combination of the center gore, the cradles, and the wings. When choosing a bra with the right fit, the bottom edge of the band should fit snugly against the body, anchoring the entire bra to the body. Establishing the correct band size for your bra is a huge part of finding a comfortable bra. (For more information about the bra band, and other parts of the bra, view our guide to bra parts)..

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Poland - The Lingerie Capital Of The World?

What’s the lingerie capital of the world? Although in many consumer’s minds, lingerie is synonymous with France, it turns out that Poland is a strong contender for this title. This Eastern European country is home to numerous lingerie brands, many of which have local production facilities. Many other European, as well as U.S. brand bras are actually manufactured abroad, in countries such as China. Poland is also a haven for hosiery manufacturing, with a strong tradition of high-quality knitwear production as well.

The high quality and great fit are some of the reasons why Poland bras are a wonderful choice for full-figured, well-endowed women. By producing bras on-site and/or locally, Polish brands are less affected by factory minimums, and some even sew orders as they come in. Other brands commit to large quantities in order to leverage economies of scale, so they choose to focus on a smaller set of sizes. But producing bra in smaller runs, Polish lingerie brands can offer a much wider range of sizes.

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Why Full Busted Women Love Polish Bras

Full-busted women, particularly those who wear F, G, H, I, J or K cup bras, are discovering Polish bras. With the range of styles and sizes produced by top Polish brands, curvy women no longer have to sacrifice style or comfort. Gone are the days when a large bust meant being limited to basic, boring bra styles and colors. You can now choose gorgeous, sexy bras adorned with European lace, in vibrant colors. While most US brands focus on catering to slimmer, smaller breasted women, the Polish bras have won our hearts (and chests). 

If you need help choosing the best Polish bra for your size or lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@fitaumax.com for assistance.