Find Solutions to Common Bra Fit Problems

Bra Fit Problems


 Anyone who wears a bra knows how painful the wrong bra can be, particularly for those among us with a curvier body. Our mission at Fit Au Max Lingerie is to ensure that women of all sizes can find the right bra fit for their bodies. We have curated the most supportive bras that address all of the common bra fit issues. Whether you are experiencing the dreaded “quad boob,” or find your breasts riding up, find the answers to your bra stumbling blocks in our guide.

How To Prevent BRA SPILLAGE Or “Quad Boob”

If your breasts “spill” over the top of your bra, or you find yourself with what is sometimes referred to as the “quad bood,” finding the right fit bra is key. “Quad boob” is the term for a bump that spills out from the top or side of your bra, making it look like you have four breasts instead of the usual two. Good news is, the spillage “or quad boob” is easy to fix with the right bra!

First you will want to make sure you are wearing the right size bra. For detailed instructions for measuring your bra size, please watch our video, or contact us for assistance. 

If you are confident that you have selected the right bra size, the next step to consider is the style of the bra. Choosing a full coverage cup size bra will solve the “spillage” predicament, even for large size breasts. Full-cup bras, unlike balconette, bralettes or demi style bras, will ensconce the breast comfortably. If you are concerned that the full-cup bra style is too plain, or will show under your favorite top or dress, take a look at our sexy and stylish full-cup bras. With lace and floral finishes and exciting colors, you don’t have to choose between style and support. 

Last but not least, once you have selected a full-cup bra in the correct size, to prevent spillage, you will want to adjust your bra with the following tips in mind: 

  1. Make sure your bra band is firm and that it fits straight across your back.
  2. Adjust your breasts, if needed, until all of your breast tissue is inside the cup.
  3. Check to make sure your underwire is not digging into the breast tissue.
  4. Adjust your bra straps so that they are not too tight or too loose. 

Get Rid Of The “Side Boob”

Supportive Plus size bra

“Side boob” is term for when your breast tissue is peeking out the side of your bra. This causes excess skin to be exposed under the arm. “Side boob” is not only unattractive, it can also be painful and leave marks on your skin. Do you want to know why you have side spillage? This common bra fit problem is typically the result of a bra that is too small, either in the band or in the cup. For instance, you wear 40E, but 42E (larger band) would be the best choice for your breast size. Or, you may need to go up to a F cup size (larger cup). 

Once you have the right bra size, to prevent “side boob,” make sure the underwire extends to the side of your body, near your underarm. If your underwire bra fits correctly, there should be enough coverage under your arms so that excess breast tissue is not spilling out the side.

Next, evaluate the amount of side support provided by your bra. Side support is often overlooked when shopping for bras. At Fit Au Max Lingerie, our bras feature a boning system for maximum side support. The bones help ensure that your breasts are pointing forward and help prevent the dreaded “side boob.”

When you find a bra with the right side support, your breasts will look smoother under clothing, from your favorite t-shirt to a sleeveless dress. With proper side support bra keeping your breasts positioned within the width of your body, as opposed to the sides, you will notice a slimming effect!  

The Best Bra To Pick Up Sagging Breasts

With age, gravity and other factors will inevitably cause the breasts to sag. Sagging is a natural cosmetic effect and the reality for most women. The right bra will provide shape and definition to your body across a range of outfits. In a properly selected supportive bra, your breasts should look perky, regardless your age..

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How can you tell if your bra is giving you the support you need? Stand in front of a mirror and view your profile. Or, ask a friend to take a photo of your profile. With a correctly fitted supportive bra, your nipple should be approximately halfway between your shoulder and your elbow, and pointing straight ahead. If your breasts are pointing down, unfortunately your bra is not fully supporting your breasts. Your favorite bra style that may have provided the correct fit and support a few years ago may no longer be doing its job. Time to look for a new, more supportive bra! Check out our F- K Collection

How to find the right bra for your sagging breasts? Look for a supportive bra with these features:

  • wider band
  • wider straps
  • narrow underwires
  • a 3- parts or multi-sectioned cup
  • boning system
  • 3 or more hooks at the back

While there’s no long-term way to lift your breasts without surgery, the right supportive bra can help give your sagging breasts a lift that is comfortable. 

Ouch: Solutions for Painful Bra Straps

Bra straps that dig into your shoulders are a common bra fit problem that can easily be avoided. Painful bra straps can lead to permanent indentations, headaches, back pain, and more! Good news: women of all sizes, even with large cup sizes up to L, can find a supportive bra that doesn't cause shoulder pain. 

If your shoulder straps are digging into your shoulders, they are working overtime to compensate for lack of support from other parts of your bra. The part of the bra that actually supports the most, perhaps contrary to popular belief, is the band. Bands are the combination of the center gore, the cradles, and the wings. Bands carry the weight of the breasts and ensure a perfect fit. The bottom edge of the band should fit snugly against the body, anchoring the entire bra to the body. Establishing the correct band size for your bra is a huge part of finding a comfortable bra. 

If you have selected a wider band bra, but over time the straps have started digging into your shoulders, it may be time to replace the bra. The “muscle’ of the bra, the band can stretch out  over time and lose its support. View our tips about extending the lifespan of a bra to ensure that your favorite bras last as long as possible, and help avoid the painful bra strap issue. 

What To Do If Your Bra Rides Up in Back

For the best fit and support, your bra should be snug and lie in a straight line across your back. 

If your bra rides up in the back, you may be finding yourself adjusting the bra and pulling it down through the day. The bra rides up because the weight of your breasts is pulling down on the cups and straps. 

To address the “riding up” conundrum, first you will want to ensure that you are not cinching your bra straps too tightly. Some women try to lift their breasts higher by tightening the bra straps. The support should be coming from the band portion of the bra, versus the straps. Try to loosen the straps and check that the band is sitting straight across your back.

Your next step to prevent the bra from riding up is to check the size. It is possible that the bra band is too large. Try hooking your bra on a tighter setting. If after these steps your bra still rides up, then it's time to shop for a new bra. Select a smaller band size bra. Our bra sizing video will walk you through how to measure your bra size correctly.

We hope our guide to common bra fitting issues is helpful. We believe every woman can find the right bra, regardless of age, shape, or size. We love hearing from customers who are feeling more confident after finding the right supportive bra. If you have any questions or need assistance selecting a bra with the correct fit, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help!