Why Are Lightly Padded Bras and Underwire Bras Better for Fuller Busts?

To say not all bras are created equal would be an understatement. Though there may have once been a time that myth held some truth, no longer are all bras made to the same generic and unflattering standard. As society and fashion evolve, so does the design for bras that flatter all, including those within the LGBTQ+ community that require support not as easily found in the undergarment market for their needs.

Every bra has a purpose, and for fuller breasts, support and comfort are a priority. A bra without balance can do more harm than good, which is why it is important to get a bra sized to your personal comfort.

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Bra Breakdown 101

There’s a science to finding the right bra, especially for fuller breasts, a need for more support than women with smaller breasts while maintaining the structure, shape and comfort. The straps need to provide support for the shoulders, while the band secures the breasts and determines what kind of support the bra will carry. Such consideration brings on the debate of whether or not underwire in a bra is a must-have for fuller and larger breasts?

Some might argue that this debate comes with an easy answer: underwire for the sake of support, even if that means rigid discomfort. Thankfully, there has been tried and true evidence to prove that underwires can provide shape and support without risking comfort. More than that, underwire has benefits

Bad underwire can ruin a good bra, and a bad bra can ruin good underwire. In order for there to be a balance, there needs to be a solid foundation that supports a heavier bust – bring in the underwire! 

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Underwire Isn’t The Enemy 

If you consider the purpose of underwire at its core, it is designed to provide additional support from beneath the breasts. Because large breasts are heavier, the weight often causes strain on the muscles in the upper back. A 2012 study directly related the correlation between back pain, neck pain, and large breasts. The right underwire can provide the support necessary to alleviate the stress on the upper and middle back. Every bra is different in style, and the fit of a bra comes down to the form of an underwire. Some bras use underwire to lift fuller chests, others curve; such as narrow underwires which give larger busts a more defined structure. No two underwires are the same, but all offer a kind of support that bras without underwire can’t provide. .

A little padding goes a long way! The placement, weight, and shape of padding will ultimately design the silhouette of the bra. 

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Find The Right Padding For Your Look

With underwire serving as the framework for a good bra, the amount of paddings in each cup determines the shape and model of the final result. Heavy paddings on a fuller bust may add more to the bulkiness and strain to your chest; and may invite the potential of your bra looking unnatural. Larger breasts do not need additional weight or bulkiness. Choosing lighter paddings to no-paddings gives your breasts more natural look and room to breathe without sacrificing shape. Paddings are usually great for smaller breasts especially when placed underneath the smaller breasts they offer lift and provide even distribution of weight. And they can create a more rounded shape for smaller breasts. An evening out the curve of the breasts to give the illusion of an even fuller chest without any added restrictions. 

By taking a little time to choose your next bra, consider what it is you really want. Do you want lift? Do you want definition? Do you want casual? Do you want extravagant? Choose the bra you actually want and keep our points in mind.

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It Takes Two

The combination of solid underwires and lightweight padding makes for the ideal support those with fuller busts need. Good bras are supposed to make you feel comfortable no matter the design you choose. Whether you are looking for lift, definition, security, or shape, full chests need specialized support to keep breasts secured without sparing the expense of shape and lift, no matter the wearer! 

Fit Au Max Lingerie specializes in lightly padded underwired bras. We know that cheap lace bras can’t support a full bust, and they don’t last long either. Plus, the shoddy materials break down quickly. The rigid straps won’t suit your unique body type. And that means bargain bras seldom reduce back pain, pinching, bulging, or sagging like ours.  

Got Fuller Breasts? Get Your Lightly Padded and Underwired Bras at Fit Au Max Lingerie 

Find the perfect lightly padded underwire bra for your beautiful body. Use our comprehensive Bra Size How-To Video to determine the best fit. Then review the Fit Au Max Bra Sizing Chart to double-check dimensions. And don’t forget to create an account so we can help you track body changes and keep up with lingerie trends.