How to Embrace the New Year with Confidence in the Best Fit Bra

You can’t feel comfortable in your skin if you’re not confident in your clothes. However, most full-coverage bras place limits on your wardrobe. So, many women have struggled with the same style for decades. But this is a new year. And it’s your chance to look and feel your best in sexy bras and panties sets. 

Sexy Starts with Supportive Bras 

Sexy is a verb. It’s an action that exudes confidence whether you’re dressed or not. Yet, there’s something about wearing a full coverage bra with side support that makes a woman feel hot. 

Side support bras provide lift. So, the best support bras for sagging breasts usually feature strong stitching, robust paneling, and thick straps. But that’s not always a sexy look. And bulky styles don’t sit well under revealing outfits.  

Meanwhile, countless manufacturers still refuse to include full-figured women in the picture. Plus, the options on retail store racks are consistently low-quality. So, curvy women have grown complacent and buy cheap lace bras instead. And while women’s lace bras come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, sexy plus-size bras are still rare.

navy blue best support bra 

Why Buying a Sexy Support Bra Matters

Find the best bra for lift and support, and finally, find your confidence as a curvy woman. The best support bras for heavy breasts don’t have to be ugly. And you don’t have to feel out of the fashion loop because you’re a plus-size diva. Keep calm and buy sexy side support bras from Fit Au Max Lingerie. 

Let last year be the last time you settle for less than you deserve. If the mainstream market doesn’t embrace your curves, force them to acknowledge your ferocity. Wear a black lace bra or white lace bra to keep it simple. Or show out in colorful lace bras with underwire because you can. 

The best support bras for sagging breasts are more beautiful than ever. You can also collect plus-size bra and panty sets to complete your lingerie wardrobe. Choose high-waisted panties, full-back coverage bras, or whatever matches your style. This is the year full-figured women stake their rightful claim on the catwalk. 

orange sexy lace bra

What Are Supportive Bras?

Support bras are full coverage bras with underwires. They’re comfortable lace bras that help lift and separate the breasts. And since the average D cup breast weighs around 15 pounds, support and lift are crucial. Besides, full coverage bras with side support can also streamline your silhouette to create a more appealing look. 

An unlined underwire bra can be even sexier. That’s because you can wear it under tight-fitting clothes or show off your plus-size lace lingerie on special occasions. Fit Au Max Lingerie offers beautiful plus-size bras cheap, from sizes 44C to 44H. So, define your style by loving your body.  

FACT: The Fit Au Max Lingerie inventory includes sheer full-figure bras, lace thong panties, and crossdresser panties for when you’re feeling frisky. .

pink satin lace support bra

How to Find the Best Plus Size Lace Bras on Sale 

Did you know that you can buy full-figured bras online? Many brands have a plus-size bra sale at least once per year. But lower costs often mean lower quality. And contemporary styles are still on their way to the mainstream. In other words, most of your options are ugly. 

So, how do you find the best bra for plus-size saggy breasts without paying a fortune? And can you wear full coverage bras with side support even if you dress sexy? Here’s how to answer those questions: 

Step 1: Determine Your Style 

You don’t have to look like the average supermodel to feel good about yourself. You’re gorgeous, and so is your unique fashion sense. But a sexy plus-size bra can change the game. So, look for a full coverage bra with clear straps for racy outfits. Or browse different panties types to find something superb. 

Don’t settle on the first thing you discover. Instead, check out a few lace bras with no padding. And consider buying a plus-size bra and panty set to save money. You can wear a full coverage bra with lift and coordinated color to accentuate your favorite looks. 

TIP: Choose red lace bras, pink lace bras, and blue lace bras with matching lace panties. Fit Au Max lingerie also offers lace underwear for men. 

white M Cup Size Bra

Step 2: Define Your Size 

Try to find a sexy lace bra that suits your body type. And stop spending cash on lingerie that pinches, pulls, or leaves marks on your shoulders. Use the Fit Au Max Plus Size Bra Calculator to determine your dimensions. Then select pieces that can handle your fluctuating weight with adjustable straps and secure clasps. 

Remember, the best bra for plus-size saggy breasts offers side support and lift. So, stick with full-figure underwire bras until you know how they fit. And check out unlined lace bras for form-fitting ensembles. You can enjoy a seamless look with sexy panties and a matching brassiere, but only if you buy the correct size.

Step 3: Dress Like a Diva 

Full coverage bras for plus-size women don’t have to be ugly. Purchase cute lace bras and lace-up panties that make you look and feel like a star. Dress for success in seamless underwear and form-flattering lingerie. And show off that big, beautiful bust. After all, wearing a 38DDD bra size means there’s more room for delicate details. 

FACT: Fit Au Max Lingerie features intricate embroidery and elegant lace aspects to help you mix and match pieces effortlessly.  

Here’s to Happy New You with Fit Au Max Lingerie 

Make buying new side support bras one of your New Years' resolutions.  It’s time to feel sexy in lace bikini panties or high-waisted underwear. Shop at Fit Au Max Lingerie for plus-size bras, lace undergarments, and men’s panties. Don’t forget to check out our plus-size panties clearance page and contact customer service if you have questions.