Where to Buy the Best Sexy Lace Bras?

Best Sexy Lace Bras

The Origin of Lace

Fit Au Max offers the best sexy lace bras for big-busted and plus-sized women. Our range of supportive bras with lift feature cup sizes from B to L, and band sizes 30 to 50. We are proud to offer a substantial selection of appealing bra and pantie sets for women of all sizes. One of the hallmarks of our bras is the lace. Despite its delicate appearance, lace is a strong and supportive fabric, making it a fabulous choice for flattering lingerie.

Swiss Lace, French Lace and High Fashion

At Fit Au Max, our firm lace bras are made with the finest Swiss lace, from the historic lace-producing center of St. Gallen. Nestled between the Bodensee hills to the north and the Appenzells to the south, St. Gallen, Switzerland, has supplied lace for top European fashion houses for decades. The lace in Fit Au Max bra hails from the house of Forster Rohner AG, and makes a regular appearance in Haute Couture. As an example, Prada featured the legendary Swiss lace in nearly all 42 looks of what easily became the most photographed collection of a season. Prada lace variations came in gold, black, beige, acid orange and metallic baby blue. According to the New York Times, the Swiss lace was cut into simple dresses, peplum knee-length skirts, boxy collarless jackets and handbags for Prada. The lace even appeared 3-D Prada designs, with flowers sewn onto flowers so that they “fluttered provocatively as the models clopped down the runway in their ruffled platform shoes.”

The Origin of St. Gallen Lace

Before St. Gallen became famous for embroidery, it was known for linen. The high-altitude conditions of this town’s location were well suited for growing flax. The linen of St. Gallen was often called “white gold,” both for its quality and the wealth it brought to the region. According to The New York Times,  the idea for embroidery was borrowed from the Turks and brought to St. Gallen around 1753. A booming industry was born, with St. Gallen embroidery accounting for 18% of all Swiss exports and about half the world’s supply of lace in its heyday.

Embroidery and Lace Techniques

St. Gallen is recognized around the world for both machine and hand embroidery. A modern embroidery machine employs about 1,000 needles simultaneously. Embroidery is made by stitching a pattern onto a ground cloth. Lace, on the other hand, is self-woven and requires no underpinning..

Some popular examples of embroidery techniques include:

  • broderie anglaise, or “eyelet,” with a regular pattern of machine-cut holes bordered with buttonhole stitches. According to Wikipedia, Broderie anglaise was extremely popular in England between 1840 and 1880 for women's underclothing and children's wear.
  • broderie chimique, or “guipure,” in which the patterns are more elaborate 
  • sequined embroidery, developed by a St. Gallen company in the 1960. 

While the techniques and style evolve in response to the ever-changing fashion trends, St Gallen remains a center of excellence and expertise for lace production.  

Lace Bras at Fit Au Max

The ornate and sheer lace makes for a more striking and sexy bra, such as this blue underwire bra in our collection. Fit Au Max bra designs incorporate a 3-part cup, to ensure that our underwire cups are suitably supportive for larger breast sizes. The standard, one-piece molded cup design common to smaller bras often falls short when it comes to fit and support. We are happy to report that this is not the case when it comes to our larger sizes, thanks to their superior design. You can observe for yourself with this plunging neckline black lace bra and panties set. This plunge bra is perfect for evening wear and professional attire alike.

Shop Detailed and Elegant Lacy Bras at Fit Au Max

Lace Bra

Fit Au Max has multiple collections of detailed and elegant lace bras on offer, alongside our other offerings, such as bikinis, thongs, and high-cut panties. We encourage you to take advantage of our free shipping within the US for orders over $100. Shop by collection, brand, color, or size.

  • We stock bras that feature strategically shaped underwires to provide more support for full breasts and keep them comfortable.
  • Many of our bras have lower cups made with fabric that is smooth and breathable, to improve comfort over long or warm days.
  • Multiple elements of our bras work together to maximize the comfort and complement the fit of the piece: the side support panels, the shoulder straps, the full cups, and the 3 hook and eye back closure
To order your favorite new lace bra, visit the Fit Au Max store today. We look forward to helping you!