Are You Wearing the Right Bra Size?

If you’re like us, shopping for a bra can be extremely overwhelming. Once it seems like you finally found the size and shape that fits perfectly, you end up in a totally different size when shopping the next day. 

Unfortunately, this is just another thing we as women have to deal with (especially women with large breasts) when shopping for these pesky but necessary clothing items. In general, most women agree that their main priority while bra shopping is ending up with a supportive bra. This type of bra leads to more comfort and overall satisfaction while wearing them throughout the day.  Supportive Bras are crucial for all well endowed women.

There are so many types of bras, all with different levels of supportiveness. If you are on the lookout for a very supportive bra, pay close attention to the bra band. This is the most important part of the bra and lends the most support to those who need it. Other factors that lend to a bra being more supportive are the cup size and wider straps. Supportive bras typically have full coverage in the cup area as well as larger straps to help support those cups. The center Gore – the piece that connects both cups is typically more full and is made with a thicker piece of fabric than normal bra. The wings and bones, otherwise known as the material on the sides of the bra connecting it to the back hooks, is also made with thick fabric to aid in support. Let’s explore some of the main types and styles of bras before we learn about sizing.  

Blue Plus Size Bras

Types of Bras 

There are typically few types of bras to look for while shopping that all offer different pros and cons. Each type has its own function depending on what you’re looking for in terms of style, support, and comfort. All of these bras can be found as a supportive bra or not, depending on the specific brand. Some of these bras also come in plus sizes and can be found online as well as in store.  

  • Sport Bras:- If you’re looking for a bra to work out in, consider a sports bra. These bras are typically made of special material that wicks sweat as they are geared toward those who plan on working on. They are also more snug as they are meant to hold your breasts steady while exercising. 

  • Push up Bras:- If you’re looking for a bra that will enhance what you’re working with, a push-up bra might be a great choice. Push-up bras have built in paddings on the underside of the cup to push up your breasts and reveal them larger than they are. They enhance cleavage. Push-up bras can enhance many outfits including dresses or tanks.  

  • Full Cups Bras:- are great for full coverage, like when wearing t-shirts or professional attire. As the name suggests, they have full cups that cover the entire breasts. This specific bra is typically very comfortable and is meant to be worn in many different scenarios. This is the best option if you are looking for a plus size bra as this is the most common.  

  • Demi Bras:-  are another great option. These typically only cover a portion of the breasts itself, while still providing comfort and support. Demi bras are great for wearing tanks or low cut dresses.  

  • Balconette Bras:-  is a stylish option for those who are looking for support while wanting a great shape. This type of bra offers less coverage than a full cup style with the straps connecting to the sides of the cup rather than the top. Balconette bras typically contain a more rounded look and are great if wanting to add style to an outfit.  

  • Plus Size Bras:- are for us well endowed women who land in the D to M cups range. For women like us with larger breasts, support bras are definitely a must. Women with fuller bust need more support therefore, it is important to pay attention to the craftsmanship of the bra. These types of bras focus on comfort and support for women with larger breasts, while still prioritizing design and style. Typically Plus size bras or Supportive bras contain underwires for breasts support. They usually come with full cups.

At Fit Au Max Lingerie we specialize in support bras thus, all our lace underwire bras are support bras. Do not be fooled by their beauty and their sexiness. They hold their own!

Lingerie are typically used in a more intimate setting and are considered medium-level supportive. Lingerie might have an underwire or might rely on straps and lace for supporting the breasts. Lingerie pieces tend to have less fabric than a typical bra, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as supportive.  

If you’re looking for a matching bra and panty set, this is also another option. Typically these sets prioritize a matching style and can range from casual to very elegant lingerie sets. Depending on your preference these sets could be worn on special occasions or daily. Considering the style and type of bra to buy? 

Let’s explore how to size ourselves at home. This can help while online shopping.  .

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Sizing is one of the challenging aspects of shopping for your next bra, but this process doesn’t have to be stressful. There are two main measurements needed when sizing yourself at home. One is referred to as the under-breast measurement or the band size, and the other is called the over-breast measurement or the cup size. Simply use a wrap-around tape measure to measure around these specific parts. 

First, measure directly underneath your breast area. This typically lines up with the top of your ribcage. Don’t tense the area or suck in your gut – it is important to get an accurate measurement of your ribcage when you are standing as you normally do. Jot down the measurement in either inches or centimeters and continue to the next step. If you land in the middle of an inch or a centimeter, round it up.

under the breasts measurement

Second, prepare to measure around the largest part of your breasts. This measure does not necessarily have to line up directly with the nipple, but it might for some. You must measure around the largest part of your breasts so that you can get an accurate bra size for your next comfortable and yet supportive bra. Write this measurement down as well, also in either inches or centimeters. If you land at an uneven centimeter, round up to the next highest one.  

over the beasts measurement

After finding these measurements, look up the corresponding numbers on the Sizing Chart to determine your bra size. The cup size and band size might be different depending on the country. 

Red Plus Size Bra

Conversion Chart 

This chart is important while shopping online. The chart focuses on the cup sizes. Simply find the column based on the country to determine your cup sizes. Although some cup sizes are consistent throughout different countries, there are some important changes to note. 

Recognize the differences between American sizing and European sizing in different types of bras. The sizing is consistent for the first group of cup sizes, AA through D. It’s important to note there are two differences in sizing after that: an E cup size in Europe is the same as a DD cup size in the USA, which an F cup size in Europe is equivalent to the DDD size in America. After this starting with cup size G, the cup sizes are the same in both the USA and Europe.

Cup Size Conversion Chart

Let’s take a look at the band size chart. This chart helps determine your band sizes depending on the country. Locate your country and compare it between rows.Bra Band Conversion Chart

Once you have found your band size as well as your cup size, you are now ready to shop! Discover your new favorite bra! 

Bra Shopping 

Now comes the fun part! Shopping for a comfortable, stylish, supportive bra. Fit Au Max Lingerie has so much to offer in terms of plus-size bras, lace bras, bra and panty sets, supportive bras, and more. 

Check out our picks for the top bras available and hopefully, we can help you discover your new favorite piece. Remember we offer Free Bra Sizing Consultations and best of all, you can return your misfitting bras for a full refund or keep working with us until you find a good fit bra. 

If you’re looking for a great plus-size option in lingerie, the elegant white lace satin nightwear set is one of our most popular options. This two-piece is extremely comfortable and comes in sizes up to 2XL. The classic cami comes with lace detail in the back that matches the lacing patterns on the shorts. This set is the perfect piece for your honeymoon or just another night of comfort. 

If you’re in the market for a lace bra specifically, look no further. Our black underwire bra cassandra semi soft is an amazing choice. This piece is a great addition to any ensemble and is the perfect combination of sexy, soft, and supportive. With an underwire for full support and breathable fabric in the cups, this lace bra is perfect for plus-size women who are looking for a stylish addition to their closet.

Remember we don’t just sell Weismann and Gorsenia lace underwire bras for full figured and fuller busted women. We give our bra babes a perfect reason to show up with a guaranteed good and perfect fit bra every time!