Bra Retailers Are Missing the Inclusivity Mark

Inclusive bra retailers are rare. When was the last time you went bra shopping and found the perfect fit off the rack? Most manufacturers forget about the fringe minorities. So, plus-size divas, women of color, and crossdressers must fend for themselves in the lingerie jungle. 

But what if we told you that there’s a better way to look and feel sexy under your clothes? First, you must understand why modern manufacturers are slow to include specific demographics. Then, you have to search for the best-fit bra and cute lace panties on your own time. 

Fortunately, Fit Au Max Lingerie is an inclusive bra brand that curates bras for hard-to-fit cup sizes, large cup size bras, plus-size bras, lace brascomfortable supporting bra, DDD cup size brassatin lace panties, bras for lift and side support, bras that lift and separate, good support bras, best full coverage bras, underwire bras, and attractive lace bras and panties sets for everyone. Our inventory serves your curves regardless of your size, shape, taste, or lifestyle. So, why isn’t everyone doing the same thing? Here is what you need to know. 

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What Are Inclusive Bra Retailers?

Inclusive bra retailers keep a wide variety of bras, panties and sexy lingerie styles in all sizes. So, their collections often include bras with lift to help wearers streamline their figures. Most inclusive brands also offer hard-to-fit cup sizes, large cup size bras, bras with side support, underwire bras, and matching lace panties. After all, there’s no reason for you to feel less attractive than you really are. 

Meanwhile, mainstream retailers focus too much on profits to worry about inclusivity. They consistently sell mid-range lingerie to average-sized people. And they wouldn’t have any other way. But plus-size women, ladies of color, and cross-dressing men deserve style and sophistication as well. So, now is the perfect time for Fit Au Max Lingerie to step on the stage. 

Three Ways Some People Are Excluded from the Bra Conversation 

Bra retailer inclusivity is essential, especially for people with non-average body types - women with larger breasts or women with fuller busts. However, many manufacturers miss the mark by excluding specific groups from the conversation. Their inventories are lovely, and they always sell quickly. But a large portion of the population remains unserved or underrepresented. 

The problem extends beyond support bras, panties and lingerie into the realm of clothing and accessories. Particular individuals cannot find clothes or bra and panty sets that look good on their bodies. Plus, the outfits that look great aren’t always comfortable. And that’s because some manufacturers don’t seem to care about long-term wear.  

As a result, these three groups are constantly left out when shopping for cute support bras, lace bras, underwire, lace panties and sexy lingerie: 

#1. Plus-Size Women 

There still aren’t many options for full-figure women. Yet, the reasons are unclear why most bra retailers ignore this demographic. Women with large breasts and thick hips are gorgeous. And their underwear should always reflect that. 

More brands are becoming aware of plus-size women’s needs. However, our society isn’t quite where it needs to be regarding full-figure fashions. For now, Fit Au Max Lingerie is the best bra retailer on the block. And their styles have the potential to set the bar for future trends. .

#2. Women of Color 

Black women are significantly diminished by the mainstream bra community. The reason is that most women of color are curvy and voluptuous. But traditional retailers don’t have the support bras to handle heavy breasts or lush hips. So, ladies must squeeze their beautiful bodies into lingerie that doesn’t fit. 

Style is another concern for black women and men. Because of their darker skin tones, some colors look better than others. However, many retailers limit their selection to only a few shades - black, white and nude colors. But Fix Au Max Lingerie is different, we offer various fabrics, designs, and colors to help accentuate your glow. 

#3. LGBTQ+ Members 

The LGBTQ+ community is vibrant, with people who want to express themselves through sexy style. But only inclusive bra retailers give them fashionable options. Otherwise, they can’t easily find crossdresser panties, men’s bras, satin lace panties or cute lace lingerie. Plus, they end up feeling disgraced when shopping in stores.  

Plus-size lingerie should adjust to fit any body type or lifestyle. Whether you’re active, inactive, male, or female, you should never feel uncomfortable in your skin. So, find the best bras for heavy breasts, bras for saggy breasts, or plus-size underwire bras for men through the inclusive Fit Au Max Lingerie inventory. 

Inclusive bra retailers owe it to the plus-size population to honor the needs of women with larger breasts, fuller busts women, black women and the LGBTQ+ community. But while the rest of the world drags their feet, you can buy and create your personal collection at Fit Au Max Lingerie. Buy your cute lace bras, high-waisted panties, or seductive lingerie for any occasion

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How to Find Bras That Hit the Mark 

Ready to embrace your body type and start finding the good support bras, bras for lift and side support or best plus-size lingerie?

Follow these three simple steps to discover the perfect bra: 

Step 1: Select Your Favorite Styles 

Do you like full coverage bras, or do you prefer sexy lace underwire bras? You can have whatever you want. But you must define your style first. So, check out Fit Au Max Lingerie’s colorful lace bras with embroidered detailing. Then choose your favorites first. 

Step 2: Determine Your Dimensions 

Size matters, especially when shopping for plus-size bras. You need to know the diameter of your bust and your relative cup size. That means you have to use the Fit Au Max Lingerie bra sizing chart to determine your measurements. Then you can compare your needs to your list of favorites to find the best-fit bra. 

Step 3: Buy Bras in Bulk 

Don’t forget how rare inclusive bra retailers are. In most cases, you won’t find matching sizes, styles, or colors if you buy from different brands. So, purchase two or three bra and panty sets from Fit Au Max Lingerie. Then never run out of hot underwear again. 

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Represent in a Fit Au Max Bra 

Support inclusive bra retailers by buying straight from the source. And remember to sign up for the Fit Au Max Newsletter for exciting news about fashion equity. You can even buy a Fit Au Max Lingerie gift card for someone you love. Either way, settle for second best and endure sagging breasts like the rest.