Fit Au Max Lingerie Reiterates the Fact that Wearing the Right Bra Size Matters

Wearing the Right Bra Size Matters

Leading lingerie brands stress that wearing the wrong bra size could lead to potential health risks.

Press Release (21st April 2021) | You’ve probably heard of G-cups sizes, H-cups sizes, or even J-cups sizes bras for full figured women. Those letters relate to different dimensions of bra cups. But many women buy bras without measuring their band and cup sizes first. These women order some random sizes at some random online brassiere store; this always results in ill-fitting bras and lots of discomfort.

For starters, a tight or too small bra could lead to major discomfort of the breast or pinched nerves in the shoulders, rib cage, or back. A bra with inadequate support could also lead to premature sagging as the breast tissue continues to stretch with age. Excessive compression and the wrong size bra could affect your body posture. 

So, before shopping for that K cup size, F cup size, or I cup size bra, it’s important to identify your needs regarding a well fitted bra. Identify what is important to you; do you want a bra with the best back support; do you want a full coverage bra or are looking for a bra with side support? Maybe you want a bra that will provide all of the above. Well, Fit Au Max Lingerie has the answer for you with our specially curated collections  you do not have to settle any more. Shop all your well-fitting bras at Fit Au Max Lingerie. 

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The spokesperson for Fit Au Max says, “Irrespective of your size, we take your health and comfort seriously. Whether you are a plus size woman or a regular size, we recommend that you get measured for your best fitted bra to determine your correct bra size. We actually have a section on our website that guides women on how to measure the bra size and finding the corresponding right bra size. Just follow the video guide to determine your bust measurements and then pick the right bra size and style.” .

For those who feel more comfortable getting measurements done at home, whip out the standard measuring tape. Start by calculating the bandwidth and cup size, then look up your bra size on the Fit Au Max Bra Sizing Chart to find the best fit. The chart will identify if you are a G cup size, an H cup size, or a J cup size. As our body weight fluctuates often it is important to re-size at least once every six months. 

At  Fit Au Max Lingerie our bras come with bones in the band. The bones help to provide a sleek and sexy slimming effect. This feature adds to the level of comfort you experience wearing them; while ensuring even distribution of weight from the shoulder to the ribcage. 

Fit Au Max Lingerie curated Collections are trendy plus size bra and panty sets because they believe size should not stop a woman from feeling like a goddess. 

“We think it is every woman’s right to enjoy the clothes and the underwear that meet or exceed their expectations. That is why we have taken every opportunity to meticulously curate classically beautiful plus size lingerie, with elegant, stylish, and comfortable details. From lacy bras to super sexy lingerie, we offer ladies a plethora of pretty designs, colors, and fabrics to make sure they are spoiled and to ensure they have a wide selection of choices,” says the Fit Au Max Lingerie spokesperson. 

You can pick up the best plus size bras and large size lace panties by visiting the Fit Au Max Lingerie online store. Choose the most flattering plus size bra and panty sets for an amazing appeal on your next romantic night. Or browse the various design and fabric options on the website for that well-fitted bra style that you like.  

ABOUT | Featuring the famous Weismann and Gorsenia brands, Fit Au Max Lingerie is a niche store that offers exquisitely designed underwear for fuller bust and full-figured women. With excellent coverage, superior support, and gorgeous designs, their stock features a variety of options in K cup size, F cup size, I cup size, and more.