Are you looking for the Best Support Lace Bra for the Beautiful You?

Best Support Lace Bras

For a long time, full figured women had little to choose from in the bra section of major department stores. They were left with plain, generally unattractive bras with one-size-fits-all designs. Nobody felt pretty in them, and most women felt uncomfortable by the end of the day. Luckily, things have started to change thanks to Fit Au Max Lingerie.

Not only are there countless bra designs these days but finding the perfect supportive bra for full figured women is now easier than ever. Your past self would be pleasantly surprised by today’s selection of dazzling back support bras - each with fashionable yet functional features. Now is the perfect time to become a more beautiful you, starting with what’s underneath.

Support Lace Bra

Beauty Is in the Details

Plus size semi-soft lace bras not only satisfy the senses with soft, luxurious fabrics and full coverage but they also perform all the duties of a classic support bra. They’re comfortable, durable, and well-fitted for your beautiful body type. To find the best one, just look at these three important details: .

  1. Bra Cradle Height - This is the part of the bra’s band that runs under and around the breasts. Its height indicates how much support it will provide. Thus, larger breasted women should wear bras with taller cradles for a sleek look regardless of the outfit or activity. 
  2. Bra Band Wings - This is a part of the bra’s band that helps keep side boob and sagging at bay. Its construction determines how comfortable the piece will be after long-term wear. Therefore, choose bras with flexible and breathable wings to prevent pain and chafing.   
  3. Bra Bones and Structure - This is the part of the bra between the cradle and the wings. It consists of sturdy piping and underwiring to keep the cups in place even during strenuous activity. The bones and bra structure can also help project a slimmer figure if the bra fits right. 

Over time, bras are meant to break down because they are made of fabric and thread. They are bound to lose structure after a while; their comfort levels are bound to decrease. Even high-end bras for plus size women need upgraded every now and then. Therefore, update your bra size or shop for a new bra at least twice a year.

Babe-Worthy Bra Resizing Tips

It is recommended that full figured women resize every now and then just to ensure that you are buying and wearing the correct size of bra. You may want to get some matching panties with those full-figured support bras and the world’s sexiest plus size lingerie.

The matching plus size bra and panty sets. You may want to create a versatile collection or a playful collection of support bras and full figure panties to stay gorgeous all year long. Be sure to invest in some lace underwire bras and matching panties. Then, pair your favorite bra and panties ensembles with some flattering outfits for the world to see the beautiful woman.

Made for Maximum Fit

The best support bra for full figured women features a comfortable combination of functional coverage and maximum fit, not just one or the other. The right plus size bra and panty sets can make you feel empowered and admired. With colorful support bras and sexy lingerie in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, Fit Au Max Lingerie puts “pretty” and “poised” back into your vocabulary.