Underwire Bras Basics and Bra Fitting Tips for Curvy Women

Underwire bras have been around for years. Women wear them to help lift and separate their breasts. The best lace underwire bras also help to streamline their figures and boost their confidence. Unfortunately, finding one that fits ideally can be a challenge. 

Full-figure underwire bras come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can tailor each style to suit your outfit, fashion tastes, and body type. Most people buy more than one to coordinate with various ensembles and accommodate monthly body changes. Here is what you need to know before starting a collection. 

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Underwire Bra Basics 

Finding the best underwire bra for lift and support is finally easy. You can also buy full coverage bras with underwire to mix up your wardrobe without messing up your mojo. However, understanding bra basics is essential. 

We’ll discuss the parts of a full cup underwire bra and the factors that affect your fit. Then we’ll focus on finding a sexy support bra that makes you feel amazing. 

Parts of a Bra with Underwire 

You can wear an unlined underwire bra to soften your silhouette. Or buy some side support underwire bras to accentuate your curves. It all depends on the parts and how they impact your figure. The best lace underwire bra and support bras for heavy breasts will always have these features: 

  • Adjustable Straps with Cushion 
  • Structured Wings for Side Support 
  • Flexible Apex for Movement 
  • Cups with Design 
  • Robust Clasps for Security 
  • Underwire for Lift 

Supportive underwire bras also have other elements to help flatter your curves. They give you the best fit with the perfect balance of features and fashion. However, the most comfortable support bras for sagging breasts must fit snug against your bust. A comfortable underwire bra can’t pinch or bulge regardless of your lifestyle, outfit, or dimensions. 

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Underwire Bras 

Wearing a bra with an underwire means better lift and support. It can also help separate your breasts to create a more appealing look. However, some people dislike traditional bra designs for plus-size women. The unflattering cuts, dull materials, and one-size-fits-all approach can be frustrating and uncomfortable. 

Many full-figured women choose to wear unlined underwire bras instead. They want to feel cozy all day without worrying about popping out of their shirts. Meanwhile, shoppers must consider the pros and cons of wearing bras with underwire to avoid an unpleasant surprise. The design and cut are only a fraction of the final product.

People with large busts are especially prone to buying the wrong bra. Some manufacturers focus too much on the look and ignore the essential elements. Other brands might provide crucial features but offer unsightly options. Find the most flattering underwire bras when you consider these pros and cons: .


  • No More “Side Boob” 
  • Comfortable Lift 
  • Reduced Back Rolls 
  • Better Cleavage 
  • Smoother Silhouette 
  • Durable Construction 


  • Doesn’t Grow with Breast Size Changes 
  • Custom Fitting Required 

A comfortable underwire bra won’t cause skin irritation or indentation, even if you wear it all day. However, your breast size can fluctuate throughout the month. Consider a custom bra fitting to determine your average dimensions. Or buy unlined underwire bras to create a flexible lingerie wardrobe. 

Underwire Bra Fitting Tips 

Creating an underwire lace bra collection requires finding your perfect fit and the most attractive design. Underwire unlined bras can boost your confidence and enhance your style, but only if you follow these three simple steps: 

1. Measure Your Bust 

Determine your bust dimensions to find a flattering underwire sheer bra. Measure the circumference around your chest from nipple to shoulder blade. Write that number down because it represents your bandwidth. Next, check your cup size. 

You can determine your cup size by measuring from underneath your breast to just beneath the collarbone. Combine the bandwidth measurement with the cup size to find your perfect fit underwire bra for heavy breasts. Then see if Fit Au Max has the correct item for your body type. 

2. Determine Your Desired Look

How do you want to look in your new underwire bras? Are you buying them for sex appeal, comfort, fashion, or all the above? Fit Au Max Lingerie offers multiple collections with various styles and colors to suit your tastes. Choose a versatile design or buy several bras and panties sets to give yourself options.

A lace bra with underwire should help lift and separate your bust. The best sheer underwire bra will also flatter the figure beneath your clothes. You can buy matching plus-size panties in different cuts to create a cute ensemble. Then mix and match your collection based on the outfit or occasion. 

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3. Use the Fit Au Max Bra Sizing Chart 

Fit Au Max Lingerie provides a convenient bra sizing chart to help you find what you need. The graph will also help you understand how Fit Au Max bra sizes work and decide which pieces to wear. You don’t have to wait for the next underwire bra sale because Fit Au Max already offers affordable lingerie.  

TIP: Choose your favorite set and act fast while supplies last. 

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Find the Perfect Underwire Bras at Fit Au Max Lingerie 

Don’t hesitate to start shopping the Fit Au Max plus-size underwire bra sale. Find flattering forms and coordinated designs made specifically for your body type. Create a beautiful collection and have something sexy to wear no matter what. Voluptuous women are always welcome in the Fit Au Max Lingerie.