Where to Buy A Good Fit Bra?

The perfect lace bra isn’t just going to show up in your wardrobe. You have to look for it, and that starts with selecting an adequate fit. But choosing a new underwire bra can be daunting, especially if you need big bras with side support and lift. Fortunately, there’s a secret way to get a full coverage bra regardless of your dimensions and the key is to shop at the right store.

Meanwhile, department stores don’t always carry affordable lace bras for full figured women and they certainly don’t help with sizing. Even the best lace bras on sale feel snug, pinch your skin, create side boobs, or cause drooping over time. Wear them however you want, you’ll never feel comfortable unless you get a tailored bra size consultation and choose a brand that keeps your unique body type in mind. 

So, what is a good fit bra and can you find any lace panties to match? Truth be told, a well fitted bra and panty set makes for some majorly sexy lingerie. That means you need an ensemble that exudes cozy confidence and here’s how to get it. 

How to find well fitted bras in your size 

These days, even the best underwire bras are uncomfortable. Meanwhile, many of the best bras for plus size women are ugly. Only Fit Au Max Lingerie offers such luxuriously sophisticated styles and beautiful embroidered patterns using cozy fabrics that hug your curves and let your skin breathe. Plus, our bra size consultants know exactly what it takes to create your ideal body shape. 

In fact, these are the three facts Fit Au Max Lingerie experts use to design, develop, and deliver large cups size bras that actually fit: 

  • LIFT - This is accomplished with a sturdy, durable band that remains snug against the skin at all times to prevent slippage, bunching, and pinching throughout the day. 
  • COVERAGE - Full cups bras help prevent spillage by encasing the breast tissue and providing support where you need it the most. 
  • COMFORT - Bras for large bust women are only comfortable when you can slide two fingers between the soft, adjustable straps and your delicate shoulder. 

Full figured bras that fit properly aren’t hard to find, it’s just that you won’t look or feel confident in things that make excuses or apologise for your body type. Instead, accentuate your fine figure with lace lingerie that has just as much perk and personality as you do. 

Plus Size Lace Underwire Good Fit Bra | Fit Au Max Lingerie

A few types of perfect fit bras with lift 

Finding a plus size bra that fits properly depends on your body type, style, and needs. So, get a head start on your search by checking out these different bra types first: 

Support Bras 

As one of the most comfortable side support bras plus size women can wear, these can help lift and gather the breast tissue into a more flattering form. Usually, the bra features a sturdy underwire and bones for reinforced side panels. So, don’t look for just any affordable plus size bras; find something that supports your sexy agenda. 

Lace Bras 

You can find form-fitting lace bras on sale even if you wear an M cup size or have a 50-inch band circumference. White lace bras are a staple in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe, and white lace panties that plus size women can fit into are available as well. These pieces offer delicate fabrics and patterns for a dainty surprise, plus they can provide just as much lift and support if you choose the right one. .

Full Coverage Bras 

Affordable plus size bras can also offer excellent coverage where you need it the most. They’re ideal for pairing with casual clothes like t-shirts, summer dresses, and tank tops as well. And while full coverage bras for plus size women are generally not compatible with revealing outfits, that doesn’t mean they’re not still sleek, sexy, and sophisticated on the right bust. 

Underwire Bras 

Until recently, it was impossible to find a good underwire bra with coordinated lace panties that plus size women felt confident in. Thanks to Fit Au Max Lingerie, though, you can buy either Wiesmann bra or  Gorsenia bra styles that feature sturdy piping, side support panels, and adjustable straps for superior fit and long-lasting comfort. These days, there are even some Wiesmann bras on sale.

Plus Size Bras 

These bras are made specifically for fuller bust women or ladies with extra-large busts. You tend to find these in the clearance plus size bras section of the department store behind all the cute stuff, but Fit Au Max Lingerie combines trendy features to provide curvy queens with some major bragging rights. These bras typically look great with a pair of Fit Au Max Lingerie plus size lace panties too. 

Large Cups Size Bras 

There are bras and panties sets that naturally exemplify what it means to be a voluptuous woman. So, the best large cup size bras are always made to hold your bust together, preventing spillage, side boob, sagging, and pinching as a result. So, stop buying lingerie that doesn’t really fit just to get the shape you desire. Let a Fit Au Max Lingerie bra show you how to manage your curves. 

Wide Straps Bras 

These are bras with wider comfortable straps for fuller busts or plus size women. At Fit Au Max Lingerie our bras are made with comfort in mind. While straps appear to carry the weight of the breasts, they actually do not provide the main support (the band plays that role). Straps are more important for comfort. When you are looking for a bra to wear all day long, you want to ensure it does not cut into your shoulder. For fuller bust women, It is important to choose a bra with wider straps for greater comfort. The sliders allow strap adjustment to suit your torso size. This is vital. Check your sliders regularly, as they can shift and stretch out after extended wear. Any good large cup size bras should always come with wider straps to allow comfort. Try the White Lace Bra Celeste Underwire Semi Soft and let a Fit Au Max Lingerie bra show you what you’ve been missing. 

Which Fit Au Max Lingerie support bra is right for you? 

Still looking for the most comfortable bra on Earth? You can buy lace bras and full coverage bras with tons of support and loads of sex appeal, but only if you start with one of these:  

  • The Blue Lace Bra Samanta Underwire Set from our Elegant Collection - It’s perfect for a slow, sultry evening but can also be paired with your favorite jeans and t-shirt during the day. 
  • The White Lace Bra Blanca Underwire Soft from our Stand-Out Collection - This one is flattering to the bust line no matter what you wear, with strong support for all body types. 
  • The Red Lace Bra Tiana Underwire Set from our Chic Collection - With plenty of delicate detailing and a semi-sheer half cup, you’ll never feel sexier than you do in this one. 
  • Get fit to the max today with a Fit Au Max Lingerie - makers of the best support bras for full figured women and your guide to underwear that begs to be seen.