F Cups Size Bras: A Buyer’s Guide for Beautiful Lace Bras

F-cup bras are for large busts women with beautiful curves and styles. You shouldn’t be relegated to the retail rack or forced to choose ugly garments that don’t flatter your figure. Plus-size divas have every right to feel comfortable and confident in their lingerie. At least, that’s what Fit Au Max Lingerie believes. 

We constantly host series of bras sale to encourage curvy women to express their inner fashionistas. Our collection includes beautiful lace bras and coordinated panties for a luxury-grade collection that fits like a second skin. You can now buy lace bras online without worrying about getting the wrong fit because we offer high-end pieces and a convenient bra sizing chart

Buying affordable  F-cup size bras online is now easy. However, you must know your cup size. Measure your bust to determine your average bra size range. After measuring to determine your bra size, get to know the alphabet sizing system. 

  • The DDD cup size is equivalent to an F cup size.  
  • A 38DDD bra fits exactly like the 38F. 
  • The DD cup size is the same as the E cup size. 
  • A 36 DD bra fits like a 36E. 

Your body changes throughout the month and for other reasons, so buy the best bras and panties sets to enjoy comfortable clothing no matter what. How and where do you find bras for hard-to-fit cup sizes? Are there any signs it’s time to buy something new? Here’s what you need to know.

f cup size underwire bra 

Full Figure Bra Sizing Overview

Bra sizing for large breasts can be tricky, so let’s talk about sister cups. Suppose you wear a size 40F (or 40DDD size bra). You can also fit perfectly into a 42E (which is the same thing as a 42DD). The overlapping dimensions are called “sister sizes” because they’re interchangeable. This can help make it easier to create a comfortable collection. 

  • 40F and 40DDD bra sizes are the same. 
  • 42E and 38DDD are also sister size
  • Each alphabetical unit has a sister size. 

For instance, if someone wearing a 40DDD wants to try a 42 bra band then the person will fit beautifully in a 42DD, the sister size to 40DD. The same way someone who wears a 36I bra would look terrific in a bra size 38H - sister size. It’s okay to size up to fit if the bra bands run small. For example if your true size is 36C, you can fit into a 38B - sister size and still love your lingerie. 

5 Things to Know About F Cup Size Bras 

Hard-to-fit cup-size bras can be tricky to shop for. Many retailers typically offer average dimensions or sell unattractive garments to big-breasted women. Why should nude, black, or white be your only options? Learn these five facts, and expand your style horizons

#1. Your Bra Band Size Is Essential 

For big women, bra shopping can be confusing. That’s because of the inverse relationship between the band and cup sizes. The larger your cup size, the smaller your bra band should be, and vice versa. Full-figured women wearing an F-cup size bra require extra support and lift. A snug bra band can help keep the components against your body for all-day comfort. 

#2. The Cups Size Is Secondary 

Determine your cup size after calculating your band measurements. This means determining how large of a bra cup your breast tissue requires. Here is how to find out: 

  • Lift your breast tissue into the bra’s cup while pulling back on the underwire. 
  • Lean forward to help gather your curves into the cup. 
  • Choose a larger size if you experience any spillage or pressure zones.  

The best bra for lift and side support features a carefully calculated balance between cup size and band length. Check out our in-depth blog about the inverse relationship here.

FACT: The most comfortable bra for a large bust isn’t necessarily the one with the most enormous cups.  .

#3. Your Straps Matter 

The straps are also essential when looking for F-cup size bras. That’s because bra straps help hold everything in place. They can also provide additional lift and support for heavy breasts. 

Choose your straps wisely for top-quality fit and features. You can wear bras with clear straps, pick something vivid, or go strapless. Yes, you can get away with an F-cup strapless bra if the band fits correctly. 

Choose adjustable straps if a strapless full-figure bra is uncomfortable. This can help accommodate monthly body changes without forcing another shopping trip. For more tailored instructions, check out our blog on picking the perfect bra for your body

#4. The Clasp Is Crucial 

Your bra clasp guarantees no wardrobe malfunctions and supports your bra band for maximum comfort. A low-quality closure with too few hooks can lead to disaster. However, it also decreases your garment’s effectiveness and can cause a bulge in the back of your shirt. 

Large breasts are heavy, but nobody wants sagging breasts. Meanwhile, bras for older women shouldn’t be ugly or look like healthcare equipment. And the young, full-figured women also want lift and support. Choose a sturdy clasp, especially if you wear an F-cup size bra or bigger. 

#5. Don’t Fear Function Over Fashion 

Fit Au Max Lingerie believes you should enjoy function and fashion, not just one or the other. Our sexy lace underwire bras and full coverage pieces help develop your desired looks. We also carry coordinated underwear, so choose high-waisted panties, thongs, and boy shorts for the best combo.  f cup size lace bra


How to Find the Best Fit F Cup Bra 

Get a bra with the best support and lift to feel more confident in your skin. Make outfits look better and experience more out of life when you’re not fussing with your underwear all day. A comfortable full-figure support bra is perfect for a woman wearing an F-cup bra because it allows movement without pinching or sagging. 

Take these three steps to find something you’ll love for years: 

Step One: Measure Your Cup and Band Sizes 

Determine what cup size you wear by measuring from your nipple to the bottom of your breast tissue. Find your band length by measuring around your bust at the widest point. 

Step Two: Consider What’s Available 

Compare Fit Au Max Lingerie’s full-coverage bras with department store selections. Discover different sides of your personality with a wide range of colors, fabrics, and styles. 

Step Three: Develop a Diverse Collection 

Choose various bra types for large breasts to create a versatile lingerie wardrobe. You can mix and match to express a unique style or keep it simple with delicate designs. 


An F-cup size bra can be tricky to find. You must know how bra sizing works and then determine your dimensions. After that, choose attractive bra designs and comfortable fabrics to help keep you cozy all day.