Making the Best Supportive Bras and Panties Sets

Beautiful Lingerie for Full Figured Women

Beautiful bras and panties sets for plus-size people can be challenging to find. Even in a society bent on body positivity, many retailers still don’t sell lingerie for full-figured women. Their inventories go up to a particular size and then stop. There’s usually nothing available for folks on either end of the spectrum. 

Women with large busts and curvy bodies are sexy. However, no two figures are the same. Some divas might wear an I cup size bra and medium-sized underwear. Others could need a C cup size with extra-large panties.

Finding the perfect bra and panty set is essential for a species as versatile as ours

Let’s discuss what makes coordinated bras and panties crucial. Then we’ll look at a few flavorful options to find something that brings your body bliss. 

beige underwire bra

What Makes Great Bras and Panties Sets?

Bras and panties sets can be as unique as the person wearing them. You can buy something ordinary and still turn it into a fabulous ensemble. The result depends on which items you choose, how you wear them, and how they fit on your curves. Pick a pair that pinpoints your best attributes. 

There are specific elements that set apart everyday pieces from bespoke lingerie for full-figured women. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality to build the best plus-size wardrobe.

Even if you wear an E cup size bra, legitimate manufacturers should offer more than a few appealing options. 

What makes high-quality bras and panties sets? Look for these five elements to make the most of your intimates investment: 

#1. Lift 

Underwire bras for large busts can help lift and shape the breasts. They gently hoist your body without causing pain or discomfort. A plus-size bra with lift will also create a smoother silhouette regardless of your clothing. 

#2. Support 

Support bras for large busts help streamline your curves and keep everything in place. Suppose you wear a G cup size and carry a heavy load all day. The last thing you want is a bra that makes your breasts sag and your back hurt. 

#3. Comfort  

A full coverage cup bra for large busts should be as comfortable as wearing nothing. The various elements should blend seamlessly with your outfits, with no pinch or pulling involved. Long-wear bras don’t have to flatten your bust. They can feature underwire too. 

#4. Quality 

Lace underwire bras with lift, support, and comfort must also be top quality. You’ll likely wear them all the time, so you can’t afford lingerie that breaks easily or fades with every wash. Choose bras and panties sets with high-quality fabrics and robust stitching. 

#5. Style 

Keep your eyes open for a J cup size bra with sexy style. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable in your underwear when fashion is a priority. Lace bras for large busts get cuter by the day, so pick a pair that accentuates your figure and shows off your impeccable taste. 

Need something that fits your unique body? Look for plus-size bras with durable side panels, adjustable straps, and reliable clasps. Then pick out a pair of lace panties to match..

DID YOU KNOW: You can buy large cup bras and plus-size panties as a set. 

pink full figured bra

How to Put Together Beautiful Bras and Panties Sets 

The average lingerie retailer offers several bras and panties sets for plus-size people. However, they still limit much of their fashionable inventory to a few top-selling sizes. Full-figured women should have clothing options that bring out their inner beauty. 

Fit Au Max Lingerie helps transform your wardrobe into a work of functional art. Here is how to coordinate the best plus-size bra and panty combo: 

Step One: Find Your Size 

Determine your dimensions before shopping for full coverage lace bras and matching panties. You can use the Fit Au Max Bra Sizing Chart to calculate your cup size and bandwidth. To choose the appropriate bra size for large busts, consider slight body changes throughout the month. 

TIP: If you usually wear an F-cup bra, buy one E cup size and one G cup size for versatility. 

Step Two: Define Your Fashion 

Decide which fabrics feel best on your skin. Then figure out what colors you like best. Fit Au Max offers a wide variety of styles and cuts to flatter your figure. Pick up a D bra size with full coverage and beautiful detailing for a well-put-together outfit. 

TIP: If you buy lace bras for large busts, follow the care and maintenance instructions diligently. 

Step Three: Coordinate Your Collection 

Did you find the perfect H cup size bra in the Fit au Max Lingerie collection? Now you need some panties to match. Look for coordinating colors and designs to create a flexible wardrobe. You can mix and match shades and cuts, depending on your outfit.

support bra for large busts

TIP: Pick colors that look good with your skin tone and favorite shirts or dresses. 

Three Plus-Size Fit Au Max Lingerie Sets for Full-Figured Women

Not sure where to start with so many available options? Here are some suggestions: 

  • Kiera Blue Lace Semi-Soft Bra & Kiera Hi-Cut Panties 
  • Green Lace Alicante Soft Underwire Bra & Alicante Hi-Cut Panties
  • Red Mon Cheri Lace Underwire Bra & Samanta Blue Lace Thongs
  • Look through the Fit Au Max bras and panties sets to assemble a unique collection. Then don’t be afraid to play with cuts, colors, and designs. 

    Lace underwire bra


    Bras and panties sets for plus-size women should look and feel fantastic. They should support your curves, lift your bust, and stay snug no matter where you go. Choose Fit Au Max Lingerie to enjoy worry-free fashion customized to your body type.